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I feel sad that I cant be with my mom

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Hi every one I am claudia , my mom has been fighting cancer for the last three years. On Wed she will get her chemo and I hate that I cant be with her cause of my job. I am a single mom who is in the process of divorce and cant afford to take days off. I feel guilty that I cant be with her. I hate to see her suffer.

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Claudia, the mere fact you wrote what you did says you ARE with your mom.
You have a child and are being a good, responsible mom, like your mother
taught you.

I'm sure she understands. Hopefully she has someone with her during the
(first) chemo? It can be a little scary the first couple times. After
that it becomes fairly routine.

There are tons of mothers on this site. I'm sure they will give you
good ears and advice.

Hang in there, kid and come here often and let us know how
you all are doing. You can also come here just to vent or scream.
We don't mind - we've all done it more than once.

Hugs across the Internet,


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Hello Claudia,

My name is Tina and my mom also has cancer. Your mom knows the situation you are in and knows how much you physically want to be there for her. If it is her first chemo treatment she is very frightened and it would be good if someone could go with her. A good friend or possibly another family member? From my own experience, what your mom wants from you is to see you do good with your life and your child which you are doing from the sounds of it. I also hate to see my mom suffer and have gone to several appointments with her which has saddened me each time. It is an awful disease affecting many. Wishing you and your family the best. I started writing on this site a little while back and it has helped me greatly. The people I have met are just amazing and truly care about what you have to say. Use this site as a relieving point for you to discuss whatever you want too. Again all the best for your mommy.

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I am 45 and in June 4th of this year I was told I have ovarian cancer. I was too scared to ask what stage of grade it was but my mom was there the whole time I have now had five treatments and my mom had to miss two of them. The last one was this time she had a bad migriane and could not really make it. I really did understand because she had been there for me for the hardest part and that was one being told and two through the first few rounds. Now I live with my mom and dad because of finances but it's the same I was scared and needed her and when she could make it to hold my hand during the first treatments and stuff she was. Your mom knows after three years of her fighting this beast that you are there for her don't worry about it call her the day of if you can and let her know you are praying for her and trust me that will be enough. You are a good daughter to her and she knows you will do all you can but sometimes this happen and you can't be there everytime. My prays are with you and your mom a week ago Monday I fanilly asked what stage and grade I am stage 4 grade 3 which is the last step before death. I tell you this to tell you what the doctor said next and that was after just three treatments I was in remission never give up hope and just know you mom knows you are there for her.


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