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A great time in Europe. Afterward, not so much fun...

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Hey gang!

The family and I had a wonderful time in Europe. We saw a lot of great things, ate a lot of great food, drank a lot of great wine and had a lot of great conversations. I felt pretty good and did a ton of walking. I took some naps and skipped a long day of walking in Versailles and what I though would be a long day of baking in the brutal sun at the Papal Audience (it turned out they moved it to a church in the Vatican gardens DOH!), but otherwise kept up with everyone. It was really a special trip :-)

I got home about ten days ago and got chemo the next day, since I was already almost two weeks ot of cycle. I started dragging hard right after that and the last week was the worst I have had since I was in the hospital over the winter. I stayed with my girlfriend for a few days, but was barely able to get out of bed and was throwing up a lot. We missed two Phillies games I had tickets for. I grabbed the dog from my sister's place headed back home. Over this weekend, I thought I was going to need to hit the hospital for saline, I couldn't even keep water down and was in a lot of pain. I slept like a baby - meaning I woke up every two hours to spit up and cry :-p

I feel much better today and was able to start to eat yesterday and get down a couple of quarts of Gatorade. I'm hoping this was all due to overexertion, heat and rich food from the trip, but my gut tells me that its probably more serious than that. My onc has moved up my next scans to a couple of weeks from now.

I'm really glad I made the trip and got to spend such great times with my siblings.


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I'm glad you got the trip in as well, Ray. One way or the other, you made the memories happen and made them count.

Nothing or Nobody (you know who I refer to 'C') can take this away from you - Ever!

That's the beauty of all that. I can certainly understand yours and your onc's concerns for wanting to get a eyeball on this, just in case...

I won't speculate...I'll just wait to hear back from you. Use that vacation as your "sign marker" that will always point you in the direction you need to go in - and more importantly, to remind you and all of us of that, which we are ultimately fighting for:

"The Chance to Be."


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hope not unforeseen on your next scans ,i'm sure about it! I'm sure this issues a caused only by chemo and may be the good European gastronomy !
Shame u cut not visit Barcelona, would be a great fun !.
Hugs my friend!

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Glad you made it back safely, but sorry to hear that you are having problems. Hoping that you can keep some fluids and food down more in the next couple days because you need your strength. I'm glad you had such an awesome time on vacation. The time always flies by so fast when you are away and then seems like you never went away when you get back. Welcome back.


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Having just shared your same symptoms....abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, and sleeping, gave me a thought. I know what mine was...a nasty partial bowel obstruction...I'm 6 years post treatment, and haven't had one for over 4 years...

Most clear themselves...maybe that is the same for you...it was for me, but had I not gotten better today, I was headed for the hospital, myself...

Hope you feel better soon!!!! (the other symptom that is a give-away for me is my gut making a gurgling noise, especially after a bout of pain)....

Hugs, Kathi

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So glad you made the trip, it sounds great. I guess maybe it the price we have to pay.

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