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Pain after surgery

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Ok guys. I have some questions about pain after surgery. I am 12 days post surgery and was just wondering if anyone has experienced what I am going through now. In the right kidney area where my tumor was removed it has started to ache terribly the past day or so. It has pulled a bit when I walk around however it didn't hurt at all until yesterday and today. Is this normal? Also I get some stabbing pains in the area where my drain tube was and also around some of the other incision areas from my davinci surgery.
I just want to make certain I don't attempt to ignore pain that is common post surgery or something that could indicate some other kind of infection so any comments would be helpful? My best


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I am almost a year post op and still experience all kinds of weird pains - nerve pain, incision pain from scar tissue, from surgical clips, from the mass due to trauma ...my docs have told me if I get constant pain that continues to worsen over time -I only then should I worry. Of course every person is different and I am no doctor but I can personally tell you weird pains have been my constant companion since surgery. Dull aches, sharp pains, pains like a catch in my side, pain when I sneeze...the list goes on. It should get better over time.

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Dear Kat,

Twelve days past surgery I was pretty sore. I had a 6 week checkup scheduled, but couldn't wait as my incision was hurting bad. The surgery is major abdominal surgery, not a procedure. Call the doctor if you feel things are not right. They do get better. Do not read my next sentance for a few weeks.

Set a goal like going on a roller coaster by next summer.

Best wishes,


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I had pain in my kidney the week after surgery that lasted a couple of weeks, but it is gone now. But I have all kinds of other pains that come and go - yesterday my back was hurting very badly, not lower back which is where most people get back pain, but up higher, near the kidney. I stayed in my recliner for a while and it went away. I get nervous whenever I have a pain though, either I think something is happening inside, like ripping out the stitches (which is ridiculous because they would have healed by now) or another tumor growing. Ack.


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Thanks for the feedback gang. I guess I'm not gonna panic about having these weird pains then yet.... :) I just wanted to make sure it was normal. I had a hysterectomy a long time ago and I don't remember the healing being this painful , its just not something I expected so Thanks to all for your comments.

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