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Taking a break from the boards

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I've decided that I have been spending way too much time here. Mostly, it's because I've made such terrific friends, people I don't really have to explain myself to. However, I've been obsessive about my reading and posting, and I have been avoiding so much of the rest of my life.

That being said, I will be making an effort to visit here only from time to time. If you'd like, you can get in touch with me through a private message.

I love you and cherish the friends I have made here. Wishing you all the best of health and the serenity to enjoy it.


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It's so hard to step away from what has grown familiar and comfortable. This Board will still be here whenever you need us. But I do think you've outgrown us now and are ready to believe fully in your returned health. Your contributions to this Board will be archived and available to help other women many years from now; you can feel good about that.

Start making plans that stretch WAY out into the future, years out. That's when you'll know that cancer has loosened it's grip on you. At least that would be the test for me. My husband was talking yesterday about us making a trip to Ireland next spring, and in the back of my mind, I'm thinking "Will I be healthy enough to go in 6 or 7 months? Will I still be on this earth, since I'm already 12 months beyond my statistical survival? (How small a deposit can we get away with?" HA!) But you are deep into a multi-year remission that is VERY likely to last forever. So make some plans that stretch way out there into the future, and believe that you will be healthy and alive to achieve them. Because you will be. I hope you will re-claim your promising career and be so very very happy.

In spite of any drama or bickering that ever went on here, I have always thought you were just great, someone very special, and nothing controversial that I ever posted was directed at you. ((((Jill))))

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I as well agree it's so difficult to step back from this site. As we progress thru this cancer journey our needs and wants change, therefore, you know Jill better then any of us. You know that it's the proper time to step back and smell the roses in different areas of your life. I do think you're delving into more book writing, which sounds like your love. Do what's best for you and know this support group will continue on and be here if you care to bring back more of your great insight.

Do appreciate all your postings as I've learned so very much from you. Hope you can continue to enjoy life and maintain your stay away from cancer.

Best to you always,

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That's right baby girl, it was mostly directed at, ah, let me think???? I forget who. hehehehehe

I know you have such a wonderfully full life living in the city, out all the time. Millions of friends, places to go, things to do. Things you've been doing all along, without any encouragement from anyone---every single day. Can't wait for the next book. I also have an idea maybe you and I could work on, a book I've been thinking about for a while now, call ya later, ah? never mind, you won't be reading this. me either --enough is enough

Will see you soon--hopefully before you ever come back here to read this. I'm taking your wonderful advice to heart. Thanks so much my friend.

See ya-

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Jill, thanks for all the time and dedication to the sisterhood here. I like your plans to reclaim a life outside of cancer!!! Time is so precious.

My best to you. Mary Ann

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Cyber hug, my friend. I always enjoy your posts. Please come back from time to time. Norma

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Thank you for posting and I am glad to have met you. I look forward to you posting all of the good stuff you have been doing. Enjoy getting back into the groove!

If I ever get back to New York, maybe we could meet for tea.

My best to you! Sending hugs your way.


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I am going to miss you!
Thank you for everything!

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Sorry for the slow response to your post.....but have been out of town for a couple of weeks and am trying to catch up all of the posts!

First off, I love your new picture. You look so happy and healthy!

I have enjoyed your enlightening posts always providing interesting information along much encouragement. The creative ways you have incorporated healthy foods into your diet have been so helpful. I will miss you. However, I certainly understand why you are taking a break from the board. You are in a wonderful place now and your energies need to be directed on more exciting things than cancer! I wish you much success!!

Stay well, be happy and live a very long happy life! I hope you pop back on periodically to let us know how you are doing.

Missing you already! Cheers to you, my friend!!


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Hope it is not too late to say 'see you later' to Jill. I have learned such a lot from your posts!
I also very much liked what Linda had to say about making future plans. At the moment I am bad at this (though I do have tickets for the Olympics!) and it was a reminder to try to stop living 'provisionally' (waiting till next checkup, the one year all clear, etc) - I am not there yet but these words certainly gave me some inspiration.
You are both so eloquent on the boards. Jill, I am a freelance writer too but I can't express myself in this context as well as you do! Anyway, I wish you the best of luck and if you have a book coming out would love to know more.
Susan x

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I too will miss you, and hope you return someday with additional good news. A very heartfelt thank you for what you have taught me and I am sure others with your posts.


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