Burzynski Clinic?

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So a friend of ours recently recommended that we try to to get some information about this institute for treatment.

However, the website seems kind of vague and I don't even know if they treat small cell lung cancer outside of trials or not... Upon further research I noticed that they have been doing the antineoplastins trials for years now and nobody can really confirm or deny that it is working.

The COST of treatment is INSANE. Of course, I know that any form of cancer treatment and medicine is a bit out there... but they ask for $500 just to look at your records, $1000 for the consult, then a DEPOSIT of $10,000 for 'treatment', and $5000 - $10,000 for medicine deposits.. as well as a monthly fee of a few thousand.

I'm just not sure how I feel about it at all. I am not the patient here, it's my mom.. but before we get our hopes up on anything I am trying my hardest to research the options. I have heard of gene-therapy and that there are several trials out there that HAVE gotten good results. I think I am most un-nerved by the fact that this particular clinic isn't affiliated with any insurance companies and the FDA took YEARS to allow the trials to move to phase three.

Does anyone have any alternative places to share? Or has anyone tried this clinic with good results?

We aren't too well on funding at the moment (but we can find ways to cover it.. should we find some form of proof that the treatment DOES work) and I would much rather prefer to spend the money on actually keeping my mother healthy- instead of giving the money to people who are feeding on the hopes of the ill.

We are trying our best to find a way to help my mother and hopefully beat this cancer. Any help on this subject or if someone can even find some kind of research reguarding these treatments.. I would much appreciate it.


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    Page down to 9/06/11 ... you will see someone else asked this same question, you will find your answers. stayingcalm will show you website to go to, really intresting information.... Dan