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Scan results

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Not so good CEA is up another 100 pts., scan showed some new growth in the liver. My question is can anyone help ? They want to switch my husband's treatment to Erbitux and I have read so many horror stories and now we are both scared, they say it is the only other option. Also they cannot see why his CEA is jumping so much all of a sudden. I see some of you have been taking Erbitux for a while are the side effects worst than the 5fu??? He has little or no side effects from the 5fu and avastin, but had to stop the oxalyplatin due to numbness in fingertips and toes. Thanks for your help. Kim

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Is a walk in the park compared to 5fu. The only real issue is the rash, which seems to be controllable with Minocycline.

Now, I also get Irenotecan, which is awful, but nowhere near as bad as 5fu.

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My CEA started climbing...they did find 2 nodes in the chest cavity that were enlarged and yes were mcrc...OK. They lit up during a PET scan....what didn't light up was>>>nodules that were found in the throat during a brochoscopy to check nodes for active cells that pathology found were mcrc as well.....that could just have well been the reason for the CEA rising...not trying to scare, just trying to be prudent so that nothing gets passed up or missed...it could possibly be something miniscule that can be treated and deleted......my best to you all......buzz

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Make sure your onc does the KrasMutation test before getting erbitux. I got Eribitux and had really bad side effects and found out I shouldn't have been getting it.

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Hey, Kim.

Just want to wish y'all well.


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Thanks for your input, much appreciated. I was thinking about head and neck scan. And the KRAS mutation has been done so he can have the Erbitux. So I guess Erbitux here we come!! Hopes and Prayers for you all. Kim

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