Any young adults with brain tumors in Dayton/Cinncinati area?

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Since our son (age 34, diagnosed AA3/GBM 4-13-11)had to move home with us from Virginia, he has lost contact with any friends he had back there.
I'm wondering if there are any other young people battling the same thing who would like to get together...maybe for an outing or just lunch?
Our son David has some deficits from the surgery and diagnosis, as in balance (he uses a walker), some fine motor, and speech. He's pretty isolated. But it tears me up to see him sitting in the recliner all day, with nothing to do or no one but us to interact with. While he can't play at the level he used to, he likes Xbox and billiards.

If there are any in the area who would like to get together, you can email me at [email protected]