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time to vent

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i am using you guys cause you understand. in the last 2 weeks i had to put casey, my 15 yr old bichon down.He was my best friend. My bipolar, drug addicted daughter is missing after a suicide attempt, my niece was finally put on the international kidney transplant list, my sister, who, just had a colon resection followed by a blood infection had a seizure and probably has brain cancer, they found 3 tumors, doc says probably more, cant operate. waiting for onc to talk to her. my brother is getting ready for a lung cancer operation. I had my follow up ct scan and will find out monday if it is clear.I am thinking this is the least of my problems. I feel great and blood work was good.
I am afraid to answer the phone at this point.
thanks for listening.j

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Hey, you oughta' change your monicker to: "Lucky"...

There was this story some time ago, where it tells of a guy
with a dog that he carries into the bar, and relates to the
bar-keep all the things the dog's been thru.... Missing three legs,
no tail, no ears, feces dropping out continually, no teeth.... etc..

Bar-keep feels bad and offers a free drink, and asks if the dog
would like anything.... "Oh, and what's his name?" he asks...

and the guy says: We call him "Lucky".

Vent away.... we all do at times. You're safe here!

Best wishes for you,


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Joined: Mar 2011

thanks John, I may do that! LOL

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Oh, goodness. Such a lot of worries! Praying things get better for you SOON!


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That is more crap than any one person should have to deal with.

I am praying things get better for you and your family.

I still believe any day above the grass is a good day.

I hope you can find a way to breathe, relax and enjoy life, even with all the emotional traumas you are currently going though.

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have a lot on your plate. So sorry you are going through so much. A quote from one of my favorite books "Feeling means your dealing and dealing means your healing." Just take it step by step one day at a time :)Melissa

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Thank you everyone. I am trying to figure out how to support my sister. She has been through so much and is scared to death. I can't tell her everything will be fine. I guess the words will come. At this point I am just trying to stay positive and take one daying at a time. As we all do here,. But in all honesty my mantra of "everything happens for a reason" is wearing a bit thin.
Hugs to all, Judy

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that is indeed one heavy load.It always sounds so trite....but one day at a time...it's all you can do. Try to enjoy tiny bits of every day....take a walk,,,do something nice for yourself Judy

so sorry no big help

better days ahead

have a big hug


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Thanks Maggie, i am trying. We were blessed with a sense of humor and my other sister and i decided to get the whole family to chip in for our own ct machine! ya just gotta laugh sometimes,'and to you. Congrats, your daughter is beautiful and after seeing the little cabin, you are my new hero!!!
Hugs, Judy

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and pray for you!.
Cheer up my friend!.

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Joined: Mar 2011

thank you for your prayers and for listening.i do appreciate everyone here.
i felt better after posting. amazing isn't it? Hugs Judy

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I'm sitting here at a loss for words.... any ONE of those is horrible to deal with...on top of your own stuff...much less ALLLLLLL that...dang!!! Here...here is a <<<< BIG HUGGGGGGG! >>>>
I know it's not much but crap I don't know what else to do. I know...meet me in St Louis and we'll pop a top or two or three and hit the strip clubs..... that'll at least get your mind elsewhere for a minute..... did I at least get a grin?????? Love ya girlfriend! Hope things start looking up and I know your health is all good! Take care


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Joined: Mar 2011

YES YOU GOT A BIG SMILE! thanks, i needed that. we will all get through it, but i have a long list of questions for the "Big Guy" when i get there.
love ya back, Judy

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I'm so sorry that you have to endure so much. I wish I had some good answers for you but I don't. Somethings are just out of our control.I'm sending up prayers for you and your family members.

P.S. When the time is right, you may want to take a trip to your local dog pound. There are so many dogs that need homes. They can be such a great comfort. Sorry for your loss.

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Thanks Karen, I appreciate you prayers. My avatar is Carly. We saved her at 3mths old. She is now a year. I knew Casey's time was coming and decided to save a bichon before he passed. it has helped a lot. She makes me laugh. we both miss him, so i try and make her laugh too ; )
Hugs, Judy

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.....that's enough for anyone to deal with in a lifetime, much less all at once, Judy. The older I get - the less I know:)

I am sorry you are having to contend with all of this along with your own battles. I'm not going to be flippant and blow wind up your tailpipe - your plate is FULL.

You don't have to answer the phone - that's why they made caller id:)

Just one of my big ol' Texas bear hugs for you, young lady - ((((((JUDY))))))


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Joined: Mar 2011

Oh Craig, thanks, I couldnt make this stuff up!!!
My son in law is from Texas and he give the best hugs, so I know what a big texas bear hug feels like.Hugs back to ya, Judy

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