Is it back?

My husband was diagnosed with stage 3A lung cancer in September 2007. Because the cancer was in his lymph nodes and some surrounding tissue they would not do a resection. They gave him 15-18 months, he then went into remission. Fast forward to September 2011 and he is now experiencing the same type of problems he had in 2007. He has some skin infections that are not healing, he has body aches, sweats, chills and is soooo tired all the time. Even when he does get a good night sleep he feels that he has to take a nap sometimes only a few hours after getting out of bed. He's coughing but not as much as he was in 2007. His voice is hoarse from time to time but now always. He didn't eat anything for a couple of days, he said that the food tasted bad. When he does eat, it's very small portions. He has always had a huge appetite. When I asked him if he thought he should call his oncologist he said no. He is in alot of pain from his arthritis, but it seems to be more generalized now. He is seeing his oncologist the day after Thanksgiving Nov. 25th. If he gets a clean bill of health he won't have to go back for another year. I can't help thinking that he is having a recurrence. If there's anyone who has advice or can give information on what a recurrence was like, please let me know. I feel very lost right now and I can't seem to focus on anything.
Thanks, Michele


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    hi rocket baby
    I don't know if it is back or not, but it would hurt to give the onco a call to have him move the appointment up a little early. Especially because he has done so well for 4 years. I hope this helps. Stay strong.