small bowel cancer (adenocarcinoma)

My Husband has small bowel cancer (adenocarcinoma) the doctors told us it was rare and he had not seen this type he is treating him the same as he would someone who has colon cancer, he was diagnosed in November 2010 with Chrons, they did all sorts of test and they told us they did not see any signs of cancer. In April 2011 he ended up having emergency surgery for a bowel obstruction, before, the operation they did more test all came back great, the operation was done and very successful they said all is good, three doctors told us he is very healthy they all describe his insides liver, hearth, lungs, kidneys are that of a Yonge man

Then 6 weeks later they told us that he has cancer stage4, the surgeon said had he of know he would have done a different operation, but now it is too late to do any other operations, the chrons specialist was so upset that he never seen the cancer… my husband has had 5 chemo treatments out of 6, he has very bad cramps from another small bowel obstruction so he take perks for the pain , he has very bad diarrhea and has lost 10lbs, but he has not lost any hair, which makes him so very happy. I am not sure of the name of the drugs, we go for chemo every two weeks, and then 2 days later a nurse comes to our house to remove a bottle
We live in Ontario Canada, I will find out what drugs he is on, this journey is so hard and I am only at the start I am terrified of the rest of this journey we are on. I am so very grateful for this foram.


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    welcome geri1959
    thats a pretty sad story. we will help you here with care and some information.
    ask your questions and just share what you are going through. putting down your experiences in writing here really helped me. I hope it helps you cope with a challenging problems which is the nature of cancer.

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    Dear Geri
    One of the most important things to remember is that every day things change, and what was not possible before can be possible in the future.

    I know how difficult it is for you and your husband to be on this journey, but all here will help as we can.

    Is it possible for your husband to get a second opinion regarding his situation? Not every doctor knows every thing so another may be able to view the treatment options differently.

    Be sure that the doc knows of any side effects as soon as they show up. A number of folks here have had good success in controling them with added meds.

    This journey is not easy, but remeber you are not alone.


    Marie who loves kitties
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    Small Bowel Cancer
    Hi Geri,
    I have the same cancer but without the Chrons. In Feb 2010 they removed the bowl obstruction, and I was out of the hosp in 4 days. Did the 5FU chemo for 8 treatments then radiation for 18 treatments then finished up 4 more treatmets of the 5FU. All has gone fairly well except for diarrhea the last few months. Just had some more blood work and PET scan done and it looks like some differnt chemo.