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Traveling (cruising) during chemo

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I am considering taking a cruise in 6 weeks. I will have had 2 of my first treatments with Carbo/Taxotere. Is this a good idea? I have cruised in the past during treatment with no problems.

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I did Carbo/Taxol and the first couple of infusions were tough, but after that I could have cruised without a problem.

Have a great time!


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I would go on the cruise--and take a bottle of Milk of Magnesia with me as the carbo always made me "irregular."

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Go for it Barneygirl! Anything that makes you feel good and relaxed is a GREAT idea! Watch for germs, carry hand santizer!

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They have full triage on cruise ships, a little mini-hospital, which should be reasurring. One of the friends I met on the Caribbean cruise we went on came down with some kind of intestinal flu and was quarantined for 3 days in the medical unit of the ship, and she said it was perfectly AMAZING the level of medical care available on board. You can pace yourself on the ship; you don't have to participate in all the activities if it's too much. The pampering will surely do you good! I suggest 'travel socks' (mild compression socks) if you must fly to join your ship; I did have some ankle swelling from long flights. They are wonderful for walking tours, so get several pair.

I flew to the Dominican Republic 2 days after I had an Avastin infusion, and had no trouble on my vacation, getting back in time for my next scheduled infusion. (I was taking Cytoxin with the Avastin and took that in pill form during my vacation.)

I went to Greece, Turkey, & Italy for a couple of weeks, a month after I finished pelvic radiation, and that may have been a stretch as to what is advisable. I ate with gusto all of the ethnic foods in small villages and remote islands, a few times from some questionable roadside stands, and had to work with a nutritionist to get my bowels under control when I returned. But cruise ships have VERY high standards and you can eat anything on the ship (and drink their water) without worrying about your compromised immune system. Just don't be foolish or too adventurous when you disembark for a land excursion.

GO! Life is short, and a change of scene can improve your whole outlook and let you forget about cancer for awhile. Now you're stirring up MY wanderlust!! Can I go with you? HA!

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you deserve it and you need it believe or not. You will feel refreshed. A nice ocean view and calm waters sounds wonderful. If I had a chance to go when I was in chemo I would have jumped at the chance. Go and enjoy..val

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