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Stinky gassey burps

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My fiancé had a MIE in the middle of May 2011 and is slowly but surely recovering. Eating has become a learning experience again, to say the least.
Off and on for the past couple weeks he has had these stinky gassey burps. I wondered if anyone else has experienced such a thing and if you were able to pin point the cause?
I will be googling this to see what I can come up with, but I wanted to start here with real people and real experiences.
Thank you for all your support, thoughts and help.
Much appreciated

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I haven't had surgery, but i burp violently these days. My doctor got me to take a slippery elm tablet before an hour before I eat. The burping action is still there, but it is no where near as loud or violent.
Warning: Slippery Elm is a large tablet that I sometimes find hard to swallow. You can get it as a powder, but aparently it tastes vulgar in powder form.

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He may be intaking high residual foods. Pepcid usually helps. My husband takes it 3 times a day. Make sure you take it one half hour before meals if you decide to do that. Also, he may be overeating. Even though the MIE was done in May of this year, it is still early, remember to do a "sippy" diet. When my husband takes meals in as tapas and/or snacks all is well. Does he have a feeding tube? Just wondering. Good Luck.

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Is there any pattern to when he has the burps? I ask because my husband has terrible smelling burps when his stomach gets too empty. He's actually burping up bile. Eating helps him with those. Otherwise, is it possible that he's having motility issues and the food he's eating is staying in his stomach too long, again causing nasty smelling burps. My husband has had that issue as well and it's very common after sugary. There are medications to help with that.

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