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HEY!!! Back from Onc Visit...... NEWS!!!!!!

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Onc walked into office to me and hubby's VERY long faces. I looked a mess after crying all day. He asked what the heck was up??? I told him about what rad onc had said. He said that was the problem with prelim reports..... the tech that wrote that report recanted and now says she believes the tumor is in fact mCRC. WHAT????!!!!! WHAT????!!!!! At first I was mad because of what this had put me thru..my husband thru..YOU GUYS thru...(and thank you..I love you all!) Then.... I found myself actually breathing a sigh of relief because i JUST have mCRC..... i know that sounds stupid but considering what it COULD HAVE been... oh my gosh!

I told my Onc I can't believe I have been thru a day of pure hell...for no reason. Because of someone's ooops???? Onc said he can't believe I even gave that report a second thought since i NEVER believe anything HE says until I research it and have 3 opinions!!!!! I know right.... I just bought that hook, line and sinker....wtf? A lesson well learned!!

I was so willing to believe that because Folfiri quit working.... but I did get 2.5 years out of it...AND i thought the Vectibix was not working but Onc reminded me I have only had 2 treatments of that thus far and he won't even evaluate it until after 4 treatments....and then at that I have the option of adding 5FU or CPT-11 to the cocktail. He says I haven't even given that a chance yet. Shut up Craig.... I know I jump the gun!!! I want everything to be in "my time" and get mad when cancer won't play along.

My Onc is retrieving the slides from the biopsy and having them sent to the lab that has my slides from original DX to compare the 2. He said he has no doubt in his mind that they will be a perfect match and will settle this once and for all. I feel good about that.

So the plan is to go thru with the Cyberknife....stay on the Vectibix and give it a chance to work. CEA as of yesterday is 17.4. Onc said even at that it is a very low number and one that can be fine tuned...which is HIS master plan. ok..heard that! LOL....

I feel like someone has beat the crap out of me. I am drained. What a day. I gotta say again...THANK YOU FAMILY!!!! Thanks for being there when I need you most.YOU GUYS ROCK!


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that is unbelievable...good news....all relative..happy for you


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So very sorry you had to go thru such a day! but so very glad(?) about the news from your onc. Seems odd to be glad, but you get it.

Now that you have had a good pep talk with the doc and have your plan, hope this is the last bump in the road for you dear and that all works well for you.


Marie who loves kitties

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in the grand scheme of things! get some rest.

Lisa P.

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What an overload. Glad it was just some tech's rectal transplant on their shoulders, talking.

The action items that remain are the nontoxic additions and molecular treatments that amplify your health and chemo best after the Cyberknife. Congrats on the kitchen remodel with the juicer station, too.

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Smiles all around. :-)

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I'm so happy for you!

I hope my mum could use irinotecan for years too!!!!

Best wishes,

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So glad you got good news about not a new primary!!! Now, rest up from the stress of the day, sweet dreams.
Winter Marie

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Hi Jen,
I am so happy for you.

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I missed the first post. Crap, that you had to go through that h*ll! I'm with you though, the news was better than you thought so things are moving in the right direction. I hope you sleep well tonight and some of the stress from this is slept away.
Sounds like cyberknife is a good option and then fine tuning by the onc.

Take care, get rest.


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BUT I'm glad it was only a miss-read....never trust a tech, they don't know....one said to me he thought he saw another tumor in my breast....sent me spinning....onc said roughly the same to me as yours said to you....*smile*

Hugs, Kathi

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That is great and gives us all reason for celebration. I hope you have a great weekend. Lisa

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aww Jen, I am so happy for you. A tech has never given me an opinion. I thought that was the normal protocol. Lesson learned, techs take pictures. drs. give results.
rest well my friend.Judy

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What a relief!


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Glad that you got this from doctor and you can put the pieces together. Hope that everything else falls into place too.

Hugs! Kim

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Happy your roller coaster ride ended UP UP. Prayers for continued good results.

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