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update on my mom

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Went to see the surgeon today about the tumor on the outside of her colon. Surgery was not an option. The tumor is very aggressive. Now has spread to liver. They are going to continue to keep her on Erbitux. She can't tolerate chemo so she is only doing the erbitux. Sending her records to two other places for second opinions and hopefully other treatment options. We are just lost don't know what to do or what to ask.....need help/answers.

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by asking new options, will pray for good news!

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I wish I had great advice to give. Seeking other opinions is it...and your already a step ahead in that direction.
Prayers, and everything else headed your mom's way.
Winter Marie

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If she hasn't been on Avastin, I would ask about that, it starves the oxygen to the tumor BASICALLY in simple terms (please I'm saying basic layman's terms here as I can't remember all the technical mumbo jumbo).
Winter Marie

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it stops the growth of new blood vessels, starving the tumor of blood (anti-angiogenesis).

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Good idea sending her information to other docs for new opinions. There may be more options for her out there. We are always hearing about new things.

Thinking of you.


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I'm really, really sorry. I think it's good to explore options with other doctors.



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