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Colostomy bleeding

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Drs are at last going to try and do something to help husbands constant bleeding. They will do a "colostomy revision" next week. Hopefully this will help. He is at least
encouraged to think it can be improved.

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I do hope all goes well....I cannot imagine how difficult this must be for both you and he. Your husband sounds very strong and having some encouragement = hope. And hope keeps you in the fight.

All the best and we look forward to hearing that things have turned around for the better.


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Please make sure you speak with the surgeon and ostomy nurse
prior to the surgery, and have the best spot for a stoma clearly
marked prior to surgery!

That step is all too often overlooked, and can make conditions
after surgery living hell.

The WOCN (wound ostomy continence nurse) will help locate
the best possible spot for the stoma. They often will provide an
appliance and apply it prior to surgery, to insure the location is
where it is the best for the patient.

It usually takes at least 6 months for the new stoma and the
surrounding area to "settle in". During that period, you will likely
experience leaks, etc, and it will take time to resolve, so don't
fret the small poops....

Best wishes to you both.


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Praying that will do the trick!


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