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48 hours

son of hal
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That's how long I was in the hospital. At 4:30 pm Monday they finished my 5 hour surgery for a Lower Anterior Rsection with a temp Illeostomy and exactly 48 hours later I was in a car going home. How crazy is that? Just goes to show that medical technology has come a long way. My surgeon said EVERYTHING went perfect, he got clear margins and my reconnect should be a breeze. I'm still sore but I had unbelievable good fortune with my AWESOME surgeon and recovery. I hope people can see this and believe that there is hope for surgery to go well since we often hear about the horror stories. Thanks for the well wishes and prayers from people here and I hope to post more info as I recover. I put off this surgery for a year and a half because I feared the worst. Maybe this news will help alleviate some stress from someone else awaiting surgery.
Take care, God Bless,

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That's really GREAT! Must be a record.
Continued success on your recovery

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oh well done!!

I have never heard of anyone that fast....

hope recovery goes well


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That's awesome. I hope your smooth recovery continues. Lisa

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Thanks for sharing the news with us. It is always wonderful to hear that things can go better than expected.

Don't over do it now, just because you have been a medical miracle! lol

Best wishes for a long and healthful future.

Marie who loves kitties

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Thanks for sharing, so glad to hear good news on this board. My husband will have his surgery after radiation and he is very anxious about it esp. the long time in the hospital....we have heard the horror stories...I hope you continue to do well, sending prayers for a speedy recovery.

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Great to hear you had smooth sailing so far.

Here's to a speedy recovery.


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I'm so happy for you!!

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Can I have some fries with that - to go? :)

48 - hours door-to-door curbside service must be some kind of record.

Congrats and an even speedier recovery. Sounds like "All's well that ends well."


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So good to hear that everything went so well.

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That's amazing!

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son of hal
Posts: 117
Joined: Mar 2011

Hey, thanks folks. I'm not bragging by any means and I've done plenty of "knocking on wood" but everyone involved was amazed also at how there really was no recovery time. From the time I woke up from surgery everything has been "textbook" perfect. I never even used my pain pump in recovery. Within 16 hours after surgery I was up and using the bathroom and moving around the room. I'm pretty shocked myself at how this has gone. I did have a couple "blow-outs" with the gasket on my bag but I think I've got it figured out now. I don't want to preach to anyone but I attribute my condition to just that, my condition. I improved my health through diet before surgery and even the doctor has said it "most likely" made a difference. Just for anyone's info. I also boosted my vitamin C intake just prior to and imediately after surgery. I mixed Ascorbic Acid (2.25 grams) with my prep the day before surgery and brought water bottles mixed with it to the hospital. As soon as I was allowed to drink I started drinking my "vit. C water". One 16oz. bottle per day with 2grams. ascorbic acid ea. plus plenty of reg. water. I'm not telling anyone they should do that but if your interested you should look it up. "Vitamin C and surgery". Heck, some other countries give it in IV fluids during and after surgery. I figured what the heck, why not.
Anyway, thanks for the well wishes I'll try to make more time to be active on here.
Take care,

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I hope you continue to heal quickly with everything going perfectly!

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but as i understand it, the first week they watch you like a hawk for temp fluctuations due to internal bleeding. a big issue.

just goodluck, but i think your surgery is the exception, generally crc getting lar should expect 7 to 10 days in hospital.
watch your diet as well.

i did not eat for a full 14 days and my stay was 19nightsd.


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Wow- glad it went so well! Now don't overdo things, as you don't want any setbacks.
Thanks for sharing-


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I've never been so lucky to have a short hospital stay. But like Lisa mentioned take it easy and rest as much as you can. :)Melissa

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