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illuminating the cells - is this hope?

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Hello All..
I was reading today about a new procedure where a solution is passed into the body before an operation which illuminates some types of cancer cells which includes ovarian so that when doctors operate, they can better see what needs to be removed and even tiny cells can be taken out and not missed. I don't suppose this procedure would help me since I have advanced low grade microscopic disease which is throughout my abdomen and it would be difficult to remove in this way. However, it must offer added hope to lots of people here. :)

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I think this is amazing and will definitely help reduce the tumor load in many patients.

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HI: I saw the same news program. It is especially useful for ovarian cancer patients - they did a trial here in London ON on it. They are very hopeful that it can reduce the horrors of that cancer.

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I so hope so. I live in the north of England so maybe other centres will take it up. I so hope it helps. :)

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Here's the link I found...

www.dailymail.co.uk/health/.../Glow-dark-surgery-homes-ovarian-cancer.html - Similar

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