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Applying for a job and hair is not back yet?

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It's been awhile since I posted. My question is sincere one, Im going to apply for a part time job tomorrow, yet my hair is not all back yet and have been wearing ball caps until it comes back. Sooooooooo, I am going to wear my ball cap tomorrow, how should I approach this with the interviewer? I dont think I should make excuses for wearing it, I want to explain why? Or does someone have a better idea.............
Wish me luck.....

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Go however you feel comfortable going. Show that you are ready to be open and confident about your cancer. If necessary, remind the interviewer that none of us knows what tomorrow will bring because that will be an unspoken concern. Hold your head high and talk about what you can do, all those things cancer can't take from you. Good luck! Fay

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I was a brave person and went without a hat on. Said I was cancer survivor and first day out without a hat on and happens to be for this interview. He congradulated me , and it's a matter of waiting to find out if I make the next round of interviews. Who knows and if I dont' , I don't was PROUD OF MYSELF TODAY.............SCARED BUT PROUD.

Thank you so much for your response.

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Brenda , I am so proud of you always no matter if you wear a hat or not. I think anyone that will hire you will be lucky to have you work for them. I know you would give 110%. That isjust the way you are.
I think you would be great at anything you set your mind to. I am always wishing you the very best. I just know that you will get the job! So get ready for it!
Love you my friend. I wish only the best for you. Always

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Great and good luck too!


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Hey guys thank u for encouragement,,,,,,,,,,your the best. Zinn gotta luv ya..Brenda

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most interviews will be inside so a hat may not be the best way.

a wig might help.

remember they can NOT ask you

#1: Where were you born?
#2: What is your native language?
#3: Are you married?
#4: Do you have children?
#5: Do you plan to get pregnant?
#6: How old are you?
#7: Do you observe Yom Kippur? (or any other religious holiday)
#8: Do you have a disability or chronic illness?
This information is not supposed to be used as a factor in hiring, so the questions are illegal. If the job will require some specific physical tasks, such as installing cables in walls and ceilings, you may ask whether the person could perform those tasks with reasonable accommodation.
#9: Are you in the National Guard?
#10: Do you smoke or use alcohol?

they are not superposed to ask those questions in an interview... you are not required to disclose that info.

they can ask do you have any disability or medical issue that will prevent you from doing your job... IE can you lift 50 lbs and carry it 100 yards would be a valid question for construction or such.

men luck out here we have the option of shaving our head completely bald so they cant tell

myself I have a neck scar from thyroid cancer removal so i wear a shirt or tie that will cover the scar for interviews.

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