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Any breast/underarm pain ?

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Thought I would see if anyone had experienced breast/underarm pain. I am 4 months out from chemo (shrank tumors 30% but not gone)-both 1st and 2nd recurrences came up between months 4-5 out.I had gallbadder out about 5 weeks ago and asked surgeon at follow up if this could be scar tissue- he does not think so and I am getting mammogram next week. I never had any breast pain or issues but pain continues after almost 2 weeks-sometimes it is mild pain or tenderness and other times, it is very sharp pain, though thankfully brief-we have run down the list of new bra,new exercise, new drug and I have wracked my brain beyond the doctor's questions. I admit I am nervous due to timing and underarm lymph nodes are not that far from other 20+ tumors around lungs. Anyone have any thoughts from either personal experience or research ? It will be appreciated- I thought I was a trooper at this chronic/be prepared mindset but I find that worry and fear can spring back at yet and have to be reconquered regularly.

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Have you addressed this pain with your gyn/onc? I'm thinking that a mammogram is not going to get an image of your underarm. I think you need some other test, too. Maybe a CT or MRI?

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Not sure if this relates, but I was to begin radiation in July for supraclavicular lymph node recurrence and Dr saw enlarged axillary lymph node on planning CT. I was not aware of a problem and he really could not feel an enlarged node. However it was decided to include in radiation field. After starting I did feel discomfort and pressure/ache especially if lying on that side. It went away as I progressed thru treatment. Dr noted initially there could be swelling/inflammation from radiation effect causing it. Also, I had just had my annual mammogram days prior to starting and node was not seen,all was normal.

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I've had breast and underarm pain from time to time. Once the pain was so severe that I went to urgent care thinking it was my heart. As it turns out it was nothing more than fibroids.

This was before I was diagnosed with cancer so perhaps not relevant to your situation...but who knows, it might be just that simple....keeping fingers and toes crossed for you.


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Double Whammy
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My underarms feel like I've been on crutches or something - the tenderness/pain is toward the front/chest rather than centered under the arms. My breast pain and tenderness is primarly in my right breast and that makes sense because it's still recovering from radiation and surgery. I have no explanation about the tenderness in my left breast, tho. The pain is sort of reminiscent of breast feeding days.

In August I noticed my right boob drooped. Just the right one. I have no idea what this is about. I had no scheduled doctor appointments in August in September (hooray), but I see my primary care physician Oct 7, rad onc Oct 14, and med onc Oct 19. I plan on telling every single one of them then. Three opinions and at least 2 exams.

Last fall my med onc said it was probably fluid retention (without examining me). That makes some sense, especially since it's both breasts. Sort of like the premenstrual tenderness back in the day. I don't know how to tell, tho. It's my boobs not ankles!

Our minds naturally go to cancer, but that usually doesn't present as pain (but sometimes it does) and being both sides would also be unusual, but here we all are, unusual, so our minds go there. Please get it checked.

Here's hoping it's something simple like fibroids or fluid retention.


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