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the color teal

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Who choses the color for cancer. I was on the uterine cancer blog and found someone talking about ovarian cancer group have taken teal as their color when teal is for all female cancers. They also went on the say that ovarian cancer groups think that ovarian cancer is more deadly that other cancers. I just find it a little petty that someone would be talking like that any cancer can be and is deadly this is not a compatition. I did post there that I was told teal was for ovarian cancer and that I do believe ovarian is more deadly because the signs are easly passed off as something eles. I don't believe we should consider this a comatition thou. We all fight with all we have to beat the beast call cancer. Sorry just had to vent a little.


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Actually, Anne, Ovarian Cancer does not ‘own’ the color teal – pretty a color though it is, it is shared by others with a variety of issues:

Teal = Ovarian, cervical, uterine (all gynecological) cancers, food allergies, substance abuse, sexual assault, sexual abuse, Myasthenia Gravis, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, agoraphobia, panic or stress disorders (includes PTSD), Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Dissociative Identity Disorder, Fragile X, Batten Disease, Tourette's Syndrome (TSA designation), MRSA awareness

Indeed, cancer is not a competitive disease. And perhaps you are not aware that Type 2 Uterine Cancers are highly aggressive, equally as deadly, and as difficult to diagnose as Ovarian cancer, with late stage, Stages 3 & 4, diagnoses all too common. These diseases originate only a few inches away in cells of the same histologic type, have the same progression patterns (spreading distantly rather than growing locally), and utilize the same treatment protocols. My progress, or lack thereof, is monitored by the ca125 test as are ovarian cancers. However, as they represent only a subtype of Uterine they are considered rare. Many OV CA treatments are not approved for these cancers as such are approved based on tightly controlled clinical studies which limit participants to those specifically with OV CA.

I was a busy, executive, physically quite active, and quite unsuspecting of the cancer lurking within when I was found to have a Stage 4B, Grade 3 cancer with a differential diagnosis of uterine papillary serous cancer vs. ovarian cancer – even the pathologist had a difficult time determining which it was. Perhaps what we should be considering is a ‘coalition.’ The only ‘competition’ out there is for research dollars for early diagnosis and better treatment options. I am sorry if you find this issue ‘a little petty.’

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I don't think the issue is Petty I think your statement of the ovarian group took the color teal as their color and how we think our cancer is more deadly as being petty. I would never assume someone else cancer is petty we are all in a fight for our lives and that is what matters not what color is our color or whe dies faster I just want us all to live to a ripe old age no matter what type of cancer we have or what color we chose. I am sorry for what you are going through and you will be in my prays no one should have to go through what we are going through.


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My first path report said that I had endometrial uterine cancer that had spread to my ovary. This would have been a stage 3 or 4 cancer. I was marked as having this after a D and C and a laproscopic surgery. I went to a gyn. - onc. for my debulking surgery and that path report says the uterine and ovarian cancer or similar but different and independent from one another. That puts me at a stage 1 with both of those cancers with different grades. I was told that my color is teal for the ovarian and peach for the uterine cancer. I was also found that I had 2 very aggressive cancers in my appendix. Those also were stage 1 with different grades of aggressiveness. I have not found out about any color for the appendix cancer so I just go with purple which is for all cancers. Just some interesting facts. hugs Sharon

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You should get some sort of award or coupon for having the most stage I cancers. How fortunate that they were all early stage.

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From the University of Michigan Cancer Center:
More women die from ovarian cancer than all other forms of gynecologic cancer

Not that I think it's anything to brag about, but Ovarian IS the deadlies of all female cancers.


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Thank you that was what I was trying to say but I guess it came out wrong because I seemed to really up set her when I said teal was the color for ovarian cancer. I did try to explain that I did not have an issue with her cancer or anyones eles. I wish none of us had cancer but I did feel how she approched it did seem a little like we were wrong to say ours was one of the most deadliest and that teal was the color I was told.


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