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Stage 4 Rectal cancer-Treatment

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My husband has stage 4 rectal cancer and I am just trying to see what everyone else has had for treatment with this stage. He has had 4 cycles of FOLFOX and Avastin so far. The Avastin has caused his blood pressure to go way up and now he is feeling really bad. I don't know if we need to go see another doctor about that or what.
They also tell us that once the liver lessions shrink enough he will have the chemo radiation. I am also interested in hearing form anyone who had the liver resection surgery at the same time as the rectal surgery. One of our surgeons is saying that is a good option. Another one said it would be too much so we are confused. We are just starting this whole process I just want to hear from anyone with this diagnosis for any advice at all. Thank you all so much. Teri

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I don't know about chemo for actual rectal cancer, mine was in colon.
BUT...I do know about Avastin and the high blood pressure, I was already on blood pressure pills for high blood pressure and they jut weren't doing the job after Avastin, my onc added another prescription to the blood pressure pills of Hydrochlordthiazide 25mgs, before he added that I was just taking the max of 10 mg of Amlodipine, it has made a great deal of difference. My onc always tells me to make sure I take my pills EVERYDAY, because he doesn't want me to "stroke out". If your husband isn't on the Hydro(long word name pills)please check to see if he needs them. Also make sure he is taking his high blood pressure pills EVERY DAY!!! If you keep missing them as I used to do, they will not do you any good!!
I had colon, liver and ureter resection all the same day, 3 different surgeons, and am doing quite nicely.
My best to you and yours,
Winter Marie

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My husband was diagnosed on 11-10-10 with stage IV rectal cancer with numerous mets to his liver. He had 10 tx of 5fu w/46 hr pump, Oxy & Leucoverin, they dropped the oxy after 10 and now he continues with 5fu w/46 hr pump and avastin. He is inoperable so far, has had to skip a few treatments due to side effects, but all in all is doing quite well still works everyday except treatment days and is getting his treatments every 3 weeks, started every 2 weeks, but has had platelet issues. Somedays are better than others, but if he keeps himself busy he seems to do quite well. He has a scan this coming Fri. and we will see how things are going that afternoon. Hopes and Prayers. Kim

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Prayers for everyone who is scanning this week. I get scanned every 3 months so appreciate prayers. Hope and Prayers for all those in treatment and having tests and scans.

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You might want to visit the UOAA forum, and ask for some
opinions regarding rectal cancer.

Having the rectum removed (ala' "Barbie-butt"), getting the
colon out, and living with an ostomy, is often the safest route
to take to avoid recurrences often had from rectal cancer.

I would strongly suggest you read and ask questions at that
forum, and seek other opinions from other colorectal surgeons
with experience with colorectal cancer.

Too often a well meaning cancer team will try to "save" a
patient from the life-style change an ostomy brings, but all
too often vanity brings worse consequences.

My hopes for better health are headed your way!


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Thanks for the advice, i do appreciate it.
Wishing you all the very best!

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