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Does anyone know about the Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy (HIPEC) treatment?

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attached is the link:


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Hi, yes...do you have a particular question that you'd like to ask?

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I haven't had the procedure, but I do know that the doctor who performed my liver resection also does HIPEC. He's Dr. Andrew Lowy at Moores Cancer Center at UCSD in San Diego, CA (La Jolla location). If you live anywhere near, I'd recommend calling his office- you can find the info and number on the web. He's a wonderful doctor.

Best wishes-

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Hi: There is quite a bit on this procedure on both the Ovarian cancer and the Peritoneal Cancer discussion boards as it is a known treatment procedure for these cancers. Several people there have had the treatment.

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tho I didn't have it, I know lots of people who did. There is a PMP support group on FB that is constantly discussing HIPEC. Yes, Dr. Lowy is one of the drs in the forefront of this procedure. You'll find referrals there from all over the country.

Also: http://www.appendix-cancer.com/article.php?article=28 Most of the drs there do HIPEC. Only MSK does not. They do post-debulking IP (intraperitoneal chemo) in a series of treatments, which is what I had.

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