Update on my husband.

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It has been a while since I have posted on this board. Thought that I would update my husbands progress.

On June 27th he was admitted to the hospital they thought that he had pneumonia. He was running fever and extremely tired. His fever broke on a Friday and then he couldn't breathe. He was tested for PCP Pnuemonia and the pulmonologist started him on drug for PCP Pnuemonia before the test came back. We were so very lucky as he tested positive for it. This is a fungus that had went crazy in his lungs they didn't expect him to make it but he is a warrior and 17 days later we were able to leave the hospital. He has finished with his radiation to the lungs and the SRS to the brain and he will have his 2nd dose of his maintence chemo ALIMTA this coming Friday. He has had cataract surgery in both of his eyes. We leave for Bismarck,ND on Monday as he will have an additional surgery on his left eye as the lense that he was fitted with was the wrong size so will have to have an additional lense implanted over the exsisting one.

We just got back from a trip to Yellowstone National Park, Flaming Gorge, and Denver to see a football game. Needless to say my warrior is tired. We will continue to fight this battle every day with courage and dignity.

I hope and pray for all cancer patients and their caregivers.


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    True warrior
    Your husband sounds like a true warrior and survivor, he has been through so much and not only pulled through but able to visit all these beautiful sights and take in a football game!

    You are both in my prayers. Keep up the good fight!