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Asbestos exposure

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I'm just curious. I know of two people on this site plus my husband that have been exposed to asbestos. Any one else? I'm just trying to make some sense of all of this. I recently read that there is a possible link.

My husband Paul was diagnosed Sept. 2010 with Stage III adenocarcinoma. We just found out he has a localized recurrence. The doctors are suggesting cyberknife radiation but it is risky because of the location. We are getting a second surgical opinion on Tuesday. The doctor who did the original surgery said he can't operate. The surgeon we are seeing next week is supposed to be one of the best in the field. He does minimally invasive surgeries so maybe he can do something. I'm praying he can help us.

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I was exposed to asbestos after I went to investigate an old building fire in 2004. (I'm a detective). We weren't told until the next day by the fire brigade the fire had caused asbestos to go everywhere. But that was in 2004. I thought it takes 30 odd years for any asbestos health related problems to show?

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Joel C
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I’m one of the people that Lynn mentioned she knows on the site that has been exposed to asbestos. When I was in high school I worked for a plumber and one of the jobs we did was install sprinkler systems in old mill buildings. We were working up in the ceilings pulling pipe and there were asbestos covered steam pipes all over the place. Many of them the covering was split open and the asbestos insulation was everywhere. This was in 1979 when I was 17 years old and had no clue about hazardous materials. I was diagnosed in 2010 with stage 2B EC, 31 years after my exposure. Coincidence? I don’t think so!

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My Husband (John) was exposed to asbestos at is job for many years. His first job at steel mill was shoveling asbestos to remove it from the mill. That is weird they knew they needed to get rid off it but they had their employees shovel it up with no protective gear but the year was 1970. He said in the mid 1970’s that they were required to wear protective gear in any area that had asbestos. John started is 30 years at the Steel Mill on his 18th Birthday in 1970. He was also exposed to benzene I just remember him talking about that too.

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Nick was exposed to asbestos while working for a local plumber. I believe that he has also said that his years in concrete construction also had asbestos risk.


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