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Question on how long after CT scan .. do you know?

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Hello everyone and good day to you all!

I have a question my hubby went in for his 2nd yearly CT scan on the 13th. Now his appointment with the ONC is not scheduled until Oct 7th.

When do you actually hear how the details to the scan turned out? If there was something that showed up on the scans that needed attention is it customary to be notified sooner prior to your ONC appointment if it 3 weeks later? He was NED at his first yearly scan so this would be the 2nd yearly one.

Meaning if we don't hear anything negative before his ONC appointment which is 3 weeks after his scan - could this be a good sign?

Just trying to get feedback from others and their personal experiences.

The saying "No news is good news??"

Thank you,

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I always have my scan done about one week before my oncology visit. That's just how I've done it. I would HOPE that if there was a problem that they'd let you know ASAP. I don't think there is any one way that it's done.
I am happy to hear that your husband's last scan was very good. Here's to another great scan

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Thank you Phil -

Yeah I wish they schedulde his ONC appointment closer to his scans so we are not left hanging around and wondering. Seems like there appoitments are so full all the time hard to get in at certain times. I guess we just wait an see if we hear of anything prior. His first yearly was good so we didn't hear until the appointment the results but not sure what their procedure is if something does not look good on the scan.

Oh and I see on your profile you must be a Musician? So is my hubby! :)

Like your guitars are they all yours? Hubby plays, guitar, bass, keyboards, and fiddle. Mostly when he plays live though it is keyboards and fiddle.

Take care,

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Since I travel from out of town, I have my CT scan and then see my onc a few hours later. By then he can have a "wet read". Tho this isn't the full, detailed read, I've never had more details come up.

In addition, if I see my surgeon on the day of my CT scan, he'll read it while I'm in with him. I love not having to wait.

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K I called and they say yes if something shows up the Dr. would be notified and they would call us before his scheduled appointment.

K so makes me feel somewhat better.. sure hope we don't get a call before the oct 7th appointment.

Thanks everyone!

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