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Update on 2nd Opinion Appt.

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Well my appt. today at IU Goshen Cancer Center (IN) went really good! My husband & I feel we made the right decision going there for my 2nd opinion. The doctors & staff were friendly & very caring. The facility bright & pleasant. And only about an hr from home!
So I met with my surgical, radiation, & medical drs plus a naturopathic lady. Yes it took all day but so worth it! Each dr explained everything in detail, answered any questions we had, basically took the time to let us know they cared & we mattered.
What we found out: my (original) cancer was 6mm, T3,N0,M0 (11A). I'll say I was shocked by the size of tumor & what stage! This time its a residual from the last. But since my biopsy was done within the 1 yr mark, my new drs want to wait for the 13 mo. timeline then do another colonoscopy w/biopsy & further exam just to be sure the cancer is really there. (seems radiation continues to kill cancer cells for at least 1 yr) Then if there's cancer, it'll be surgical removal of cancerous area along with radiation (brachtherapy) w/6-7 days in hospital.
Although last yr I felt comfortable with my (1st) cancer center, & the drs seemed to really care (it was only 2 wks from diagnosis to start of treatment)...this time they don't seem as caring & just want to do the radical surgery w/ostomy & no further tests. If I'd have listened to them I'd be geeting that surgery now (not knowing it may not be needed!)!!
I highly recommend asking many questions, do alot of research, & seek 2nd opinions.

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OMG....my new radiation dr also asked me if I was using a dilator!! Told him I had no idea what he was talking about! How embarrassing to say that its been a yr since I was intimate with my husband!! (& my hubby sitting right there!! haha) So after my exam he gave me one, told me how to use & how often!! Although getting healthy is most important to us both....we do miss this kind of intimacy!! ;~}

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This is the best news ever! Your so right to have gotten a second opinion, and I am so glad you did. A lot of patients would have just gone with the surgery and not had a second opinion. I hope that when they do the biopsy they will find that there is no more cancer, because as you say the radiation keeps working. I wish you well. Lori

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Memphis Mary 49
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Your post sounds so much better that your last one! I am so happy that you went and got the 2nd opinion and met with all the doctors. It seems like very sound advise to me that makes alot of sense. The research and all the questions really pay off. Congratulations on NOT having surgery and your new plan!!! And good luck with the dilators - the intimacy is so important - its just great if it can include the physical component as well. :)

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Please keep us posted as you get closer to treatment. How wonderful that you have a very optimistic team of doctors--it all sounds very encouraging! I wish you all the best!

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Okay ... so good to hear. As I mentioned in my original response ... many are doing brachytherapy prior to radical surgery.

Wow ... was that 6mm which is very small or 6 cm which is in line with a T3 sized tumor?

Very happy for you ... fantastic. Rest well and continue to heal.

All the best and thank you for the update.

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