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5 days since liver surgery

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and i am home.hurting like heck but i am walking around getting stronger everyday.the surgen took my gall bladder out also.anyone else on here have that done during liver surgery?just checking in just letting you all know that i made it thru surgery.need to rest now.everyone take care and keep up the fight...Godbless....johnnybegood

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Hey J

I'm glad that's over for you. I know you must have felt real apprehensive about having to do it, but it's behind you now.


Know you're tired and rest is in order:)

Will be in touch. So happy for you and your mom - here's to continued healing.


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Good to hear you're home and healing. Did they say why he took the gall bladder out too??

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Glad to hear that you are home. Sounds like the surgery went well (hoping) and that you are up and walking around. Hope you continue to get stronger everyday. Thanks for checking in.


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Take plenty of time and relax...you've been to the mountain and back, you need to relax and concentrate on getting stronger. Glad your back home....love ya, buzz

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I have been waiting to hear something about you. I am glad everyhing went good. Get your rest and get good! Luv ya! Take care


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the replies and the encouragement to get better.Yes when i asked my surgen where is my gall bladder he said it was in a pan(lol) but all kidding aside he basically said it was blocking his way to my liver so since many people can live fine without their gall bladders he took mine out.who knows maybe this will help my appetite in the long run.hugs to all and will post soon...Godbless...johnnybegood

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and good news. Keep walking and resting!

I had my gall bladder removed as well when they took the R lobe. I'm doing well.

love, Leslie

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good news get well soon and take it easy


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Wishing you less painful days ahead. Lisa

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Great to hear you are home! Take care, get lots of rest and heal fast!


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Hello- good to hear from you! Yes, my gallbladder was also removed when I had my liver resection. There was nothing wrong with it and I didn't know ahead of time it was going to be taken out, but I was told that due to the parts of my liver that were removed, that my gallbladder would "have been hanging by a string", so they removed it.

Hang in there- it gets better with time and the pain lessens. My belly was tingly and numb near the incision for close to a year. It's now been a little over 3 yrs since my resection and no more numbness. Don't overdo things. I carried something in from the car a little too soon that was a little too heavy (I thought I was ok by then) & I strained some of the muscles and really then had some pain for a couple of weeks, so be careful and don't lift much of anything and try not to twist when you bend down. I know laughing, coughing, and sneezing are painful for awhile, but that will get better.

Take care!!

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If you are home after 5 days you are doing really well. My surgery was ~8 weeks ago and they suggested that I gauge the recovery in weeks, not days, and I encourage the same patience to you. Hang in there - it will be slow going as your body taps its energy reserves to rebuild your liver, but you will feel better.

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I too had my gallbladder taken out with the liver res. I recovered from the sur. ok, but the things that happened later are a nightmare.
Some people (me) about 1 and 10 how have the gallbladder removed have a very hard time with weight gain and metabolizing fats.
Weight gain is caused by the lack of bile control. when your liver release bile after you eat it is stored in the gallbladder and is held there until you need it to digest your food. With no place to go the bile is released right away and you will have to go number 2 alot right after you eat, and because now that the bile is gone your body has no idea what to do with the fats in your food so it tell the body to store it. thus you gain weight. for me this has been as much as 5 pounds per month.
The other thing that happens when your body stops metabolizing fats correctly is you get constipated and you start to toxify yourself, I was so toxic before i discoved what was happening that i could hardly walk, for a strait solid month, i suffered and noone not even my Onc. could tell me what was going on. through internet searches i discovered some releif ( to a point). You will need to take probotics, and digestive emzymes, and milk thisel, and eat lots of yogurt ( greek plain not fruit surger filled kind) You can also Juice and smoothie ( but stay away from comercial smooties make your own low fat). If you eat fried foods enjoy them but realize they will hurt you later. I pray you will not experience this but if you do PM me and I will give you my phone number so you can learn from my experiences. I am 7 months from my surgery and I am still having all these problems.
Good luck and recover well

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hi johnny....yes they took my gall bladder too but failed to tell me....honestly I found out about 2 years after.....

hang on darling girl.....it get's better


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I forgot to mention - I found out only AFTER my surgery that my surgeon did the same thing - removed the gallbladder. I'm not even sure why this was done but I believe it is standard course, but oddly not mentioned.

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penny that is so interesting to hear about your response. I too am not digesting fat at all well....sometimes even an ice-cream cone will send me into pain space....

I find a largely veg diet works well enough but I still long for cheese ....and sometimes fries....I can never predict how I am going to react to digesting the fat....all still a mystery to me....sorry Johnny...don't want to divert your thread.....liver surgery hurts....have a hug and more hugs....


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Whew! Glad you are home. Good to hear from you.

Thinkin of ya!

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Nana b
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Glad you are home! My gall bladder was taken out too. Go slow. Don't do too much. It's so easy to get a hernia. Please keep your phone in your pocket. I had a pain so bad one day, that I had to get on the floor. Another time the room started spinning and I couldn't stop it. Luckily my sister walked in right in the middle of it. Just saying heal and get help when you can. Bug hug!!

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