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NO chemo again due to low WBC

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again due to low blood, dad is not able to have his chemo done today. its the 2nd time throughout the whole treatment.. sad :(

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I had my chemotherapy interrupted three times, twice for low WBC and once for platelets. It happens. To be honest, I considered these days off to be holidays but that's the way I roll :).

For WBC I received shots of neupogen and came back shortly after to continue treatment. For platelets, I simply had to wait a week while the body restored them.

Best wishes to dad and his family.

Take care,


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I know you are discouraged but take heart. Soccerfreak is right, it does happen. Stay strong, take a deep breath, and know that it will get better. Try and make sure that Dad is eating as well as can be and getting plenty of fluids. His body is in a fight for it's life and needs all the ammo it can get. You and Dad are not alone. Best wishes and God bless all of us that are in this battle. My prayers are with you both. Keep us posted on how your Dad is doing.

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