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MRI scans vs lymph node removal

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Hi so happy to find this site. I was diagnosed with squamos cell carcinoma in mid August. I went to my pcp because of a growth on the left labia she thought it was genital warts (did have them 25 years ago and I know they could come back)so she did a freeze on them and within 2 weeks the area ulcerated very painful. A biopsy was done and it came back scc I had surgery 2 weeks later a radical hemi vulvectomy they did not take lymph nodes but wanted to see how deep it went. Today was my 2 week follow up and pathology showed cancer was 2mm deep. We have opted to do MRI scans every 3 months rather than lymph removal. My specialist felt I was at low risk for lymph invasion 5% chance. I'm just wondering if anyone else has made this choice. I feel GREAT it has been 2 weeks today I'm back to 1/2 mile walk twice a day and have started working with my horses again. I'm very active and I live on a big ranch so have always been on the go (I'm 51). Would like to hear from others.

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