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No More they can do

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The dreaded words were told to us today, after an 8 year battle with colon cancer the Dr. says it is our decision to continue treatment because he is out of options. Those have to be the hardest words I have ever heard in my life, to know that the one you love more than anything in the world is out of options, wow. How on earth do we deal with this? What do we do with the time that is left?
She is only 48 years old and this dreadful disease is going to take her from me!!!!!! I am so angry right now.
If anyone knows of experimental treatment out there let us know, we are not ready to give up this fight!!!!!!!!

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Hello, I understand your frustration. My husband is a stage 4 colon cancer who has had mets everywhere, liver, lungs, bone, spine, brain. He currently has mets in both lungs, bones and just finished radiation on his spine. We have been fighting this beast since 2007. I do not know what kind of insurance you have or where you live, but you may want to research the Block Cancer Center in Chicago. Dr. Block has also written a book called Life Over Cancer. He does not give up, keeps fighting and knows of many treatments both inside and outside the US, that the mainstream oncologists do not use, most because the health insurance companies won't pay. I know that my husband and I were faced with the same thing, nothing more to be done, make him comfortable, and this was and is unacceptable to us. My prayers are with you.

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My heart goes out to you and you are in my thoughts.

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I would post on the colon cancer board. There are clinical trials and they would knowmore about them.

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I understand the feelings you are dealing with right now. I lost my husband after a 6 year battle with colon cancer. The dr finally told us that he thought the treatment was making him sicker and not helping. He, too, was out of options. We opted to call hospice. My husband would have continued fighting if we had been given any options, even if it only bought a little more time. Since he was stage 4 when dx, we felt that we were just buying time to begin with. He did beat the average, time wise. Our commute for treatment was a little over an hour. On the way home I asked if there was anything he wanted to do, what was on his bucket list. Mainly he wanted to see family and friends, give parts of one collection to certain people, and visit Yosemite. We did those things. Friends flew in from out of state. Family gathered and we spent two nights in a beautiful hotel in Yosemite. We made wonderful memories, left nothing unsaid, and held on tight to each other.

I am not saying that you shouldn't look for and possibly try other treatments. That may be right for you. Doug was given the newest two targeted drugs at that time. He tried all the current mainline treatments. In the last month, he chose quality over quanity. He decided not to chase a new treatment that might be out there somewhere. That was right for him. He was older than your wife but only 63. He could never have lived long enough for me. We had more time than we expected, but less than we would have liked.

Take care of yourself. Feel free to PM me at any time. Prayers and hugs, Fay

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My husband participated in a test trial through T-Gen in Scottsdale, AZ. There were also trials available at MD Anderson in Houston, TX for his cancer (head and neck). The test trial he participated in was covered by the pharmicutical company who was developing the drug. On MD Anderson's website they list test trials by cancer type and stage. Hope this helps

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I can only imagine what you two have gone through in eight years. I've been my mother's first mate for almost three years battling ovarian cancer. She opted to stop treatment a month ago, and neither of us can believe how much better she feels now that she's not taking chemo drugs.

Although she's been given "only a few short months," yesterday she was out in the yard working my little brother to exhaustion. She is so enjoying the days she has left! I guess I'm just saying that you give up something precious when you choose to fight to the end.

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My best wishes to you and your wife. My wife is fighting this disease, and we are on the second line chemo. Her oncologist says it either works or it doesn't, and since she was stage 4 at dx, we've known that these treatments are palliative.


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Thank you all for your kind words, it really helps. I hate that we all are having to go through this. We are trying to live everyday to it's fullest.
Prayers and blessing to you all.

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Tina Blondek
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Hi Womack and welcome to our family. I was a caregiver for my dad. He passed from EC in March of 2010. Count your many blessings..you have had your wife with cancer for 8 years. I only had my dad for 16 months after his dx. Go with you gut feelings. Ask your wife what she wants to do. There are trials and second opinions you can go for. She and you will know when enough is enough. Being the end is just going to turn into a new beginning for her. Hang in there. You know we are always here for you. Stay in touch.
Tina in Va

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