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VA updates ships operating on/off shore in RVN

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VA recently released an update of ships in Vietnam waters. Check website below:



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Thanks for posting the links to the VA list. I am sure it will help some of those that have served aboard these ships and have claims for AO.

My Best to You and Everyone Here

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Thanks. It would be great if more veterans appeared on the forum. Am surprised by the low numbers. Folks post and then disappear. Happy to see you contributing in the H&N area. Am placing emphasis on other activities, but would like later to return more frequently. Aloha and take care.

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My name is Barbara and My husband passed away from Esophageal cancer in Feb of this year. I too am surprised at the low # of vets on this site. My husband served in Vietnam from 70-71. I have spoken to another vet via e-mail but not too many responses. What I do now is write letter after letter to all my state representatives and also the president regarding my claim that agent orange had to do with my husbands EC and his eventual death. Its a damned shame our government is just not more commited to help our servicemen. I admire all of you who do go on this site and who have served our country and I thank you. YOU are the REAL HEROS. Not our sports figures Etc. I have the utmost respect for our military and I applaud you for always being there for us.
My husband was also a policeman for 27 years after Vietnam so he was a soldier for a very long time and is now forgotten. I am truly ashamed of how the U.S. has treated our Vietnam Vets the most. You guys were drafted , sprayed with poison, and now many are dying ir have already died.

I am totally P...ed OFF. Oh well I continue to fight and I always will.

Yake care and know many of us appreciate you.


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