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slave of PSA

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Unfortuatly in my my low agreesive life(like a hermit lving in a cave)not bothering anyone I was fortuate enough to aquire prostate cancer. Don,t ask me all the specifications of it.I did notice I had a psa of 16. Well I had it yanked out courtesy of DR R Austin Urology. So I got on the worry about the PSA group
.Oviously in the back of your mind you don,t want it to spread. I have to face it cancer is cancer.The PSA went down to undetechtable.Then it went up to a PSA of 3. Dr R suggested radiation .Before you know it I was at the the austin center fro radiation oncology(a branch of Austin urology. They are very efficient . Got dye stuck up my penis and some goo in my ***. The next week treatment began.39 times on the imrt.With the 3 able female techs who oviously have instructed 100s of men to yank down there pants (covered up with a towel exposing just the public hairs and the top of your thighs down to your butt The reason for this was to line up the laser so the linear accelerator can do its job. I got used to yanking down my pants but to this day it was uncomfortable.
39 times 39 copayments.Did it help ? Not sure 40 to 50 persent chance. Can you imagine all that treatment and my PSA still up. I think its depressing

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i had imrt treatment as well. just finished actually in June of this year. i know what you went thru and how uncomfortable it can be pulling down your pants. i also had female techs. seems like most of the posts on imrt treatment the techs are females. mine were very young. but remember there are so many different ways you can go now a days with p/c. don't be depressed but rather be angry and fight this crap that is within you. please keep us posted as how you are doing.


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You may have not realized yet, but the young staffs behind the computer screen in the control room were watching you and your “Mister” all the time. You could end up in the “Just for Laughs” TV series. They can tell you how different “yours” is from the guy that lay in the stretcher before you.
(Just joking)

You have to wait at least two months to get a decent PSA and then to move in the path to success. You will get there. Relax.

Good luck in your recovery.

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Hi, Muck: I understand your dilemma completely.

My PSA scores following CyberKnife treatment a year ago (Sept 2010) have been all over the map since then and are still not much lower than before the biopsy which started this saga in Jan 2010. Due to take another PSA test this week or next and am just hoping that it's lower than it was in June.

If not, it'll just cause more worry and dismay that I have (so far) tried not to dwell on. But, if things don't improve significantly (w/in the next year or so), more treatments (of some kind) may be in order.

So, you are not alone. I'm just as much a slave to my PSA scores as you are to yours.

Good luck & best wishes.

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Deleted post and created a new thread on this topic.

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Hey muckdown,

I don't know radiation from a tulip ... I've been lucky in that my PSA has stayed low; however, I do know a little bit about Austin.

How about a drive in the Hill Country for some brisket and beer. Not sure if that is the favored diet for PCa ... but it used to help me when I got depressed. If you have enough beer maybe a tube ride down the river!

Good luck, we're pulling for you.

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