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"Cheeseburger in paradise"

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(Jimmy Buffett reference)

Can anyone remember getting a special diet in the hospital after surgery or other treatment? For me, after the biopsy, a very kind lady brought me lots of chocolate pudding, but I assume that was part of the diet for someone who'd had part of their tongue sliced and diced. And after the surgery, all I got was cups of ice, which I hovered over obsessively, to be honest, as the stuff was SO good and it seemed they were hoarding it, this sweet delight (later confirmed to me that it was regular ice, and NOT some sugary enticement).

I'm thinking about whether the staff catered to your particular culinary requirements at the time, those of you who could eat.

Just wondering.

Take care,


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I both work and have been a patient at North Valley Hospital.

I have problems posting links. If it does not work go to www.nvhosp.org
Really I am not biased.
We are a small community hospital, but we have some robotic surgery.
Whatever procedure I can do here, I do.
For patients, as long as it within the Dietary Guidelines per the Provider, we will try to individualize as desired. When I was a patient, I wanted fruit trays 24/7 and that was provided without any problems.
During my cancer treatment, as an employee, it was amazing,the chef and the dietician worked with me (with the idea of being able to use this on patients if needed) to add protein to items like mashed potatoes and other soft foods.
They worked really hard to create something that met both my dietary needs, my taste buds, such as they were, and make something I could swallow. I did not have a peg and was weighing 88 pounds. It was a battle I could not have done without them!!
I did not get any special treatment, we treat everyone like family.
If anyone is ever going to be out this way, let me know!

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I was very lucky and the surgery was postponed by my oncal man, he wanted to see if it would respond to treatment first and it did.


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D Lewis
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When they took my tonsils, they handed me a popsicle before I was fully awake. Other than that, I was propped upright and sent home after the neck node removal. No other surgeries.

Love the Buffet song. It's on the rock and roll CD the kids made me to play during my commute. Love the bacon/cheddar cheeseburgers at the Diamondback Grill in Sonora, California. Takes me about an hour and a half and two Corona's to get one down, but it is SO good. That, my friend, is PARADISE!


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My husband is in the hospital right now getting fluids but since he is only 3 weeks out from treatment he's still on a very soft and bland diet. For some reason the hospital keeps ignoring the menus that we submit and sending him regular food. Yesterday we requested scrambled eggs and yogurt for breakfast and got fresh fruit, coffee and a muffin. For lunch we requested mashed potatoes & gravy, mac & cheese, yogurt and applesauce. We got an egg salad sandwich and coleslaw. lol We keep telling the nurse and the dietician. Hopefully they'll get it right today.

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what hospital are you at? Is there a nurse supervisor, risk manager, patient advocate type of person? Does the hospital have a facebook page where you could post your comment?
Let us know how today goes.

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Custard was Buzz's favorite when he was hospitalized. It just slid down his throat. I made two batches at home but it just wasn't the same. Karen

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sounds like a disease or something, but it was my favorite custard.
I used to make home made custard that was real good too, but I was too tired during treatment and this was easy and easy was best!

maybe this link might work...

cozy shak

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That stuff looks really good as I have a very hard time to swallow anything I think I will give it a try.

Thanks for sharing the link

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as opposed to just a funny, cheesy story

The custard (in my opinion, best eaten cold) is SO soothing!

On to the cheese..
One day, way back when I was just starting to eat, could not really taste things and/or swallow but was just so tired of ensure, I didn't have a PEG and was at my wits end....
I was wandering around hungry and nearsighted (my glasses were probably on the top of my head, but surely not on my face) I spied a small piece of processed cheese on the table.
(Don't knock it, that was a way step up for me)
Grabbed it, popped it my mouth---only to find it was a yellow post it note!
Some of you heard this story the first time around!


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jim and i
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Yes, Jim ate a lot of cozy shak pudding and custard before things started to taste bad.

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Yes sir Mr. Bear.....


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The hospital wasn't serving any chocolate so I asked my mom to PLEASE buy me a candy bar. She, then asked my doc's permission...UGH! In the end, I savored my Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.

When my husband was hospitalized, his roommate was in for a heart attack and had his wife bring McDonald's in each day. Go figure!

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They wouldn't Freakin feed me when I was in for my neck dissection. I was STARVING! I went in on a Thursday monrning for my exploratories. So I didn't eat or drink from midnight Wednesday night. Then, I had the exploratories on Thursday. I woke up in the afternoon and they told me that they were keeping me for the neck dissection the next day. So all I had was a bit of liquids and some pudding with crushed meds. Then nothing again. My surgery took like 7 hrs, then I was out of it. Still no foods. The next day I was STARVING! And really cranky!! Still would not give me any damn food. I had jello. Gee thanks. Crushed up pills in a medicine cup with pudding. :-/ By the next day, I was ready to kill someone. They told me I was only on clear liquids still. I was not amused. :( Finally someone at least brought me some hot broth. Man I smelled that and my stomach flipped out. I tried to tell it not to get too excited, that it was only some broth, but it growled liked crazy and then my body was expecting something like prime rib. Lol. The next day, I graduated to a full serving of pudding. :( I kept telling them I felt fine. Apparently they thought I could choke after the dissection? I swear I lost 10 lbs in there in 4 days. I went home and ate like a lunatic.

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Hospital food

When I was in the hospital I keep telling the people I was a vegetarian, please no meat. Every time I took the lid off the plate there was a big piece of meat over some rice. I would send it back only to get another plate with more meat on it. I almost died of starvation from not eating anything there, glad the wife was bring me in food. Now days I do eat a little fish or chicken but still really don’t like the taste or texture of meat in my mouth.

PS: I do enjoy a good Reese Peanut Butter Cup, when I can taste it


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