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Anyone have pelvis fractures from radiation therapy?

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Hi. In Sept. 2009 I had stage 3/4 rectal cancer treated with radiation therapy for 5 weeks before surgery along with Xeloda. I had surgery in Jan. 2010 with permanent colostomy which was uneventful & healed fast. No evidence of cancer in lymph nodes. This was followed by 3 doses of chemo (12 weeks) which really made me sick. A few weeks later (June 2010) I began to have low back pain and was diagnosed with pelvic insufficiency stress fractures possibly due to radiation therapy. This healed, but have since been stricken with more fractures in various parts of the pelvis. One seems to get better, and another one shows up.

The latest fracture (July 31 this year) is the worst ever. I'm in constant pain on the right side mostly groin, and can't walk without a walker. My osteo Dr says 3 months before it heals enough to give me some relief. This is so discouraging! They've given me Vicodin every 4-6 hrs. Then they tried a muscle relaxor Cyclobenzaphrine which keep me doped up & depressed so has been discontinued. Just lying down & getting in and out of bed is excrusiatingly painful. Fortunately my husband has been wonderful doing all the housework, cooking & laundry and is the best caregiver anyone could ask for.

Has anyone had this problem? My surgeon says that that part of my body is older than the rest of my body from the radiation. I had a dexa-scan that showed severe osteoporosis, and am now on a monthy dose of Boniva. I'm really scared that this is a life-long problem. I want to just get back to doing the basics in life...driving, doing my laundry, shopping, cooking, etc. Please let me know if any of you have gone through something similar and what the outcome was.

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I wish I could help you with some information, but I just wanted to say I'm sorry for what you're going through and that I hope you can get some relief. I'm glad your husband is so helpful to you.
I do believe Krista (kristasplace) also had a cracked pelvis awhile back from the radiation. You can try sending her a pm. I'm not sure how often she checks in since I haven't seen her post lately, but a lot of people read the boards and don't always write- if she checks in, she'll see that she has a message from you and will hopefully respond & let you know what she did.

Best wishes to you-

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Received pelvic radiation and chemo 2/2012 through 8/2012. Within 2 months experienced pain in lower back. MRI showed sacral Insufficiency fractures. Bed rest sacral belt and walker being used along with opiate pain patches. Very painful to sit. Not much encouragement from doctors. I fear the fractures will not heal and others will develop.

What part of your body received the Dexa scan that shows the osteoporosis? Did you have osteoporosis prior to the radiation treatment? Have all of your fractures healed? I certainly hope so. What doctors have you seen for the fractures? I am having difficulty figuring out what doctor would be able to help me with this condition.

Thank you. I hope your condition in regard to the fractures has improved.

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Hi Test111,

You may want to post this question as a new post, ...

I also had a sacral ala non-displaced fracture from radiation. Stage 3 Rectal cancer was/is my diagnosis. My Oncologist seemed surprised at it. I actually had to request a MRI...crazy! I did have a dexa scan on my hip area and it stated I have osteoporosis in my hip area possibly due to radiation. I know it is due to radiation. I was referred to a Endochronologist (spelling is probably incorrect)...she prescribed a high dose of Foxamax every week with a Vitamin D check every 6 months. Yearly follow-ups. I also take 1200 mg of Calcium everyday with Vitamin D.

I am fine now, but very careful when moving, exercising, etc. No jumping, heavy lifting or pushing anything with my hips, etc. I do walk without problems. Finally able to walk 4 miles a day ...

I have very good insurance so I am not afraid to ask for good care. We must be our own advocate because the Drs. don't always tell us the "bad stuff"... it will get better...be patient. I too had to use crutches for along time. Try to build your body back with fresh foods. I prepared of juice from carrots, beets, ginger and apple. I think it helped my immune system.

Best of luck to you and just remember next time...probably best to start a new question rather than picking an old thread to bring forward. I say this respectfully because one of these members on this thread has passed away and it is very emotional for people to see her posts come forward. Blessings and prayers to you for healing.


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Thank you minnesotagirl for responding. Apologies if I did not follow procedure...new at this.

How long was the healing process for the fractures? Did you receive both radiation and chemo?

Good to hear you recovered from the fracture.

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I'm right there with you girl.  Stage IV vaginal cancer with chemo, pelvic radiation, and high density radiation.  Shortly after treatments finished May of 2012 I got an aching in my butt like I had done 200 squats, but I hadn't done any excercises.  So this was my first concern.  And they assured me that this was not the case.  Then this January my lower back started aching especially on my right side, so much that I was limpling.  My GP sad it was sacroilitis.  So I dealt with it and then it went away.  Then my left side started hurting with a vengence, so I ditched my GP and found another one who sent me for an MRI.  And there you have it.  Fractured on both side with osteopenia on the left side and osteopeorosis on the right. 


I have read that this is more prevalent in women who weigh less.  How are you doing now?

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