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Brand-spanking new to all this. Lots more questions right now than answers, for sure.

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Hi, Everyone: Because I work for a radiology clinic, I sort of came in through the back door three weeks ago. Had a chest x-ray and then a CT -- showing malignant-appearing tumor left upper lobe, smack dab between the aorta and pulmonary artery (therefore, probably non-surgical, and definitely not able to be needle biopsied. Then had a PET scan, showing the lung nodule, with hot spot on the spleen, and a tiny one in left second rib. So... Am still seeing the pulmonologist I went to, waiting for biopsy results (should be here Monday for sure). Can't get into the oncologist until the 22nd.

Of course I have a bezillion questions, and am counting on some of you out there to feed me some information as I progress through the steps in front of me.

Thank GOD you are all here.


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I can't help you because I had a lobectomy (lower left lobe) but I do wish you all the best and I am sure others can offer you advice. Diane

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Welcome to the club nobody wants to join! Folks here aren't doctors, but they are willing to share and be helpful. Write back with questions and I'm sure someone will respond. Try the chat room too for instant results. Best of luck!

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Hiya Marsha, Sounds like you have a good attitude and that is half the battle! Ask away!

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Sorry to hear about the scans.

My wife has had lung cancer for over 4 years and it seems to me the best approach are targeted cancer drugs such as Tarceva.

When you meet with the oncologist ask about being tested for your cancer cell gene mutation. My wife's gene mutation was EGFR and Tarceva will target that specific gene mutation.

If my chance you have ALK gene mutation, then Pfizer has a lung cancer targeted drug called Xalkori for this gene mutation.

If they don't want to test for gene mutations for targeted cancer drugs then get another opinion.

Hope this helps, my prayers are with you.


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