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Blood clot in liver portal vein - anyone else

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My husband had his first CT scan after 6 months of folfox. Ct scan shows that he is in remission
but also shows a blood clot in his liver portal vein. His onc said the blood clot was from chemo.... it was not there in a scan 6 months ago. Now it will be six months of Coumadin. His blood work was in the the normal range at the end of chemo but now with the coumadin they have tanked again. Building the immune system is very important to us but unfortunately coumadin lowers white blood cells. We are happy he is in remission but the clot is a concern. Has anyone else had a blood clot in the liver area?

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I did not have that complication, thankfully.

My scan showed that I did have a gall stone I did not know about.
My ONC told me not not stand on my head, which is good advice to the one of the few 57 year olds who might do just that.


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I don't have a blood clot in my liver, but they found one on a routine 3 month CT scan, in my left lung. This apparently was no big surprise... apparently it is very common for cancer patients to get blood clots. But what a bother! I have to give myself a shot of heparin twice/day, indefinitely. Even if the blood clot disappears, which is the expectation... the blood thinner is to prevent other ones from forming.

I've been on the blood thinner for almost 2 months now, had my blood work done this week before starting chemo on Friday, and surprise, surprise, my blood work was all fine and normal. The only slight problem is my "magnesium" was kind of low. Since Vectibix is a chemo that will lower magnesium, my onc ordered me to get an hour's infusion of magnesium before starting the Vectibix.

Not sure if that helps or not... blood clots are a pain, but if caught in time, they can be dissolved.


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Thanks for the information...it's very encouraging.

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