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Exovac side effect's

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I have been taking Exovac for a week it has not helped with saliva yet the Doctor said it should start helping in 2 weeks.I will keep thking it for awile to see if it helps. One side effect is over active bladder when I take one in about a hour it’s the best to stay near a bath room or you will urinate on your self. I know (RushFan) said it helped him with no side effects has any one had this problem? And has it helped anyone with there saliva problem??

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My doctor told me it needs to be in you body for 4 to 6 weeks before you get any good results from it so give it a little more time. Sorry about the side affects going to the head all night is no fun but this too should ease up as your body gets use to the drug. As you know I had no luck with it but we are all diffrent and I am hopping it works for you.


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