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Neuropathy in feet

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Hey all,

Thought I would share a bit of news. As you all probably know I have bad neuropathy in both my feet since treatment, its been just over 2 years since my last treatment and I still have bad problems. A friend of mine suggested that I try some diabetic socks. So I got a few pairs, and I have been wearing them everyday, and I have seen improvement in my feet. They dont seem to hurt as much and alot of the tingling has faded. I got my socks at walgreens, they are not cheap but not to expensive either. But thus far they appear to be aiding me in my neuropathy. SO I thought I would share, not sure if this has been mentioned before or not.

Keeping all in my prayers!!


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Thanks for sharing, Beth!

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I notice my neuropathy in hands and feet when the temperature drops so I have thick hiking socks in sandles. I wear gloves when the temperature drops below 70 degrees . I will stop in at Wahlgreens and try a pair.


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My neuropathy has gotten better, but is not near resolved. We have had a very hot summer and my feet have done much better in the heat. We had some cold nights this last week, and that caused problems for me - when I had to put on socks and/or shoes. My feet are happier bare or in flip flops. When I am forced to put on socks and shoes again I will try the diabetic socks to see if that makes a difference for me. I'm glad they help you!

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Thank you, Beth! I will stop by and purchase them tonight. May pick up a pair for my hands too :)

Have a great weekend!

Big hug!


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Hi Beth,
Do you know the brand name, we found two different makers, Dr.Scholls and Jobst.
They did not have any at Walgreens
Would like to get the one that worked for you.

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Thank you for sharing!

The temperature here in Iceland is going down very fast now and I can feel it on my fingers and feet and also in the face when it´s very cold. This evening it´s 43 F ( 6 Celcius ) so I also need warm socks :-) and here it´s the end of the summer now so it will get much colder in October!


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Weather sounds like the same as when I lived 18 years in Fairbanks, Alaska. (>_<)

Dressing warm, layers and layers, was second nature. (:

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I loved Iceland, even in the winter. I was not under treatment when I lived there - thank goodness.

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Haven't recovered from hands and feet.

Try anything that will help.


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I am 7 years out and a few other things have helped me. Get a skin lotion that is for soothing and healing and smear it all over your feet then put on socks and sleep in them. Walking also really helped me and once I got used to walking, the stationary bike and running also have helped.

My hands are pretty much back to normal but I think the damage to the nerves in my feet is permanent and they get cold so easily. Like Kathryn I used to wear flip-flops all the time and now my toes get cold and turn purple. I have 3 kinds of house slipper now; warm weather, cold weather, and coldest weather. I also have some really thick and warm socks.

Here is an article from Scott Hamilton's (the skater) website with some good info. I read it years ago and it helped me greatly.


Lisa P.

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I found that bag balm helped a bit for moisturizing.My husband got me gel boots/mitts that were kept in the freezer and when my feet/hands got really hot and burning ,they helped a lot.I went to bed wearing them sometimes.I also took vitamin B6 and glutamine.CROCS were the best ever for my feet/socks with aloe vera from Zellers.But the crocs from China is not the same quality as the ones made in the States/Canada...not as soft.Hopefully, it will disappear.Good to know they help.


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Hi Beth, Do the socks help with the tingling?? Rick's feet don't hurt, but they constantly tingle. Thanks... Cynthia

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they have helped with the tingling as well for me, and that sure does make a difference.

Hope they help Rick too


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Thank you! :-)

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That's why I love this group. It's all about people helping people!


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I'm feeling the best when there is warmth on my feet or warm weather. It makes a big difference once the cold weather starts hitting me. My feet will hurt and make it uncomfortable for me to walk. Surprisingly when asking my doctor before taking treatment about the neuropathy she said it is very rare. When mentioning it in April and telling her I'm still suffering from it she said "yes, I'm seeing that more patients are experiencing this." Like hello why didn't she know this before.


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