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Pet Scan reports

Shweta Lopes
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Dear all,

My Mother -In- law was diagnosed by Breast Cancer 5 years back she went through Six Kemo's at that time last year in October she was again diagnosed by mutation in lungs after six Kemo's now her latest PET Scan reports scan reports I think something is seriously wrong Please help me understand and give me some solution on what should I do or how should I take care or her Please I love her a lot please help me some hoe I know that all this means bad but do not want to accept it, below is the Impression of the Report..

IMPRESSION: This is a known case of CA left Breast along with the left axillary lymph node clearance. PET CT fails to demonstrate any metabolically active focal lesion in the operative bed to suggest recurrence/residual disease. However extensive bilateral pulmonary nodules, which are metabolically active, are observed with maximal affliction of the right upper lobe of lung. These are likely to be metastatic. The mediastinal lymph nodes do not exhibit any significant metabolic activity. The osseous lesions are metabolically active and represent metastases. Compared to other prior PET CT study dated 22nd January 2011, there appears to be considerable increase in the size of the mass lesions in the right upper lobe of the lung. There is a increase in the size and number of metabolically active pulmonary nodules bilaterally. There is an increase in metabolically active focal lesions in the bones as described above. This is suggestive of progression of the disease.

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Shweta, I am not a doctor so take what I say with a grain (or a ton) of salt, but it sounds to me like your fears are well-grounded. Once you have been given a cancer diagnosis one of the most feared words in your vocabulary (perhaps second only to terminal is metastasis. This is especially true when it becomes pervasive, that is, moving to more than one location as it sounds like this is doing (remember, this is from a layman's viewpoint).

I would imagine that mom would be provided different or additional chemotherapy. As for what you can do, you can spend time with her, as much as you can, you can help with household chores, which helps immensely, believe it or not, and you can get her out of the house and enjoying the things she enjoys. She has not been given an expiration date, it seems (and it would be somewhat meaningless anyway, humans being the remarkable and inexplicable creatures that they are), so make sure that mom takes advantage of life and living.

For your own sake, do make time for yourself away from the situation: to be a good caregiver you need to take good care of the giver.

I wish your mom and her family the best in these trying times.

Take care,


Shweta Lopes
Posts: 2
Joined: Sep 2011

Thank you for replying to my post.
Actually from yesterday Doc has satrted another medicine for her which is quite expensive so I guess that's another treatment then. We let her rest whole day she doesn't work at all from last five years I keep urging her to eat well but again she refuses now I dont understand what should I do. I have newly started a venture and simply can't stay much at home niether can my husband we both have very busy schedules so we have maids taking care of everything I am really very confused as to what should I do now...I try my best to keep her happy but again she is always tensed for her other children my husbands elder brothers..

How much time should we expect more (Any suggestions) Cause Doc has asked us to keep her happy and not to worry her too much...


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