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6 Month Zero

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Just went in for my 6 month post RP check and the PSA was undetectable again. It's still very early on the path, but I'll celebrate every zero I can get! I'm now pretty much totally dry and am starting to feel somewhat normal again as the testosterone levels come back from the pre-adjuvant abiraterone and Lupron that I took during the study.

Good luck and many zeros to all


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Hi John,

Welcome back. Congrats and thx for sharing the great results! Looking forward to your future updates with news of continued success. Of course, please feel free to stick around and contribute your experiences to the forum any time! Your participation in the Abiraterone/RP clinical trial was very interesting (discussed in a prior thread), especially since HT and RP were used neo-adjuvantly as primary tx.


mrs pjd

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Congrats and I hope you went out and celebrated!


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Waiting for the next report on ZEROS.
Best to you.

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Thanks everyone! I did celebrate last night, but didn't go out. I don't have to control the wine consumption so carefully if I stay home!

Mrs pjd, I do plan on contributing more to the board, especially since it has been so helpful to me. After dealing with this for a year and the fact that we FINALLY got summer here in Seattle (summer is defined as sun and temperatures over 70 degrees)I've taken a break from thinking about cancer. It was nice!


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