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Short breathing and chest pain can it be anxiety ?

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my scans were fine two weeks ago so... .I'm going to Mexico next week and this is my first long trip since DX!,did it ever happened to you before a trip or new plan?

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Short breathing and chest pain can be many things;
a blood clot (PE) will cause those symptoms.....

I would get it checked out prior to any long trip!

Best wishes,


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Actually to my Aunt, she is getting out of the hospital today, she was getting ready to come to California for her annual visit, when she was getting out of breath and experiences chest pains, it finally got bad enough she went to urgent care and they discovered she had blood clots (many of them) in both her lungs. Apparently, over time she was getting a bit shorter of breath but then just before the trip it got worse (day before trip)after 4 days in hospital and being put on cumidin (sp)she is going home today. She doesn't have clots in her legs, etc., they did all kinds of tests and don't know why she has the blood clots there.
If you keep short of breath and have chest pains, may I recommend getting it CHECKED OUT IMMEDIATELY??
Love to ya Pepon,
Winter Marie

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just sayin'...there are a lot of people that are taken off of avastin because of the clotting it causes....buzz

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Buzz. My husband had to go off Avastin a few weeks ago because of blood clots in his leg. Now he gets daily shots of Lovenox for who knows how long.

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