Mets may not be cancer

According to my husband, the infectionous disease doctor has said the mets on the brain may not be cancer at all. She is supposedly saying it may be part of the fungus infection he has. Of course, this is according to my husband. Due to the fact he has been experiencing confusion and talking off the wall, I am awaiting a call from the doctors for confirmation of what my husband's understanding is. He said that's why the radiation treatments have stopped for now; the new doctor has put a halt on them. I'm just wondering if the halt is from having to give him a very strong antiobotic and he is confused about what she is saying or if this could truely be a blessing????


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    Fungus or mets
    You need to ask the doctor to get an answer to that question. I have a relative the doctors were sure had a brain tumor that turned out to have an infection that required multiple surgeries and antibiotics for quite a while to clear up. He's doing well and we are thankful to the doctors that correctly diagnosed him. So it can happen. But mets from cancer happen too. Radiation is done to stop the cancer tissue from pressing on areas that would cause pain and problems for the patient. Call the doctors to find out what is going on and what you need to do to take care of things. Good luck!