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Bill had a stroke

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Will it never end????? Bill was doing so well after his EC surgery. His was April 25th, and his doctor said he didn't have to come back until his 6 month check-up. Well, last Thursday, he had a rather severe stroke of the cerebellum, with bleeding on the brain. He is in ICU and they have performed surgery and inserted a tube to relieve the pressure on his brain. They are keeping him sedated. They can't give me a prognosis. They say it's too soon. He hasn't opened his eyes or spoken since the stroke. After all the torture of the EC surgery, now he is going through this. I just can't believe that I might lose him after he worked so hard to get over the EC surgery. I'm looking to you all to give me some words of encouragement. I've just cried my eyes out..............


PS- They will be doing a tracheostomy on Wednesday.

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I am SO very sorry to hear about Bill's stroke and so soon after a successful surgery.
I know you must feel the deck is REALLY stacked against you.
That is a major surgery and can be hard on anyone at any age.
BUT I have also seen and read about so many miraculous recoveries from some horribly serious strokes. It may take time to talk or use a side of his body, until he retrains himself, but I know it happens all the time. With the sound of HIS strength and fighting spirit from your posts about his fight with EC, I am betting that he is not one to give up, and he is going to fight his way right back from this, just like he did before. SO DON'T GIVE UP HOPE!
WE WON'T. I will ad you both to my emergency prayer list right now, and I will be praying that he is speaking to you and opening his eyes soon. HANG IN THERE. He needs you now more than ever-- and you need us just as much.
WE are all here for you. Sending love of the highest order...


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Hi Kateel
I am so sorry to hear of this nasty nasty setback, sometimes it just seems that it is all so unfair, especially after coming so far. I can feel you screaming on the inside this is not bloody fair, there will be alot of us on this site echoing those sentiments. You will both be in my thoughts and prayers and I hope you find the strength to endure, words are not enough but know that you are not alone, your cyber family are standing with you.

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Kateel --

I'm sorry to hear that Bill has had such a major setback. Back in February when my husband was septic and his chances of survival were low, I remember feeling just as you are now -- that it just wasn't fair that he had fought so hard against EC and now something else could take him suddenly.

Bill and his medical team, and of course you, will be in my prayers.


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So sorry to hear of such a serious setback. It is still early in his stroke history. Oftentimes, giving time for the body to settle down, a stroke victim can make significant recovery. Sure hope this happens in your husband's case. You all will be in our prayers. Mary

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My husband had a stroke in Nov. 2006. He was not as sick as your Bill but he could not use his left arm and was dragging his left foot and leg. He went for Physical and Occupational therapy, which helped a little. After his discharge from therapy he started going to a gym. He had never worked out in his life. When he first started he could only ride a stationary bike if it had a strap on the pedal (if no strap his foot would fall off). Fast forward before his EC diagnosis he was in the gym 7 days a week for about 3 hours a day, walking on treadmill & elliptical plus the bike (no worry if strap not there) plus weight lifting. His goal is to be able to run on treadmill. During his chemo & radiation he continued to go to gym. There is hope the brain is a marvelous organ and can heal. John slept 15 hours a day right after stroke. The neurologist told him that the brain healed while sleeping. You & Bill are in my thoughts, I hope you can get some rest and try to take this one-day at a time.

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Dearest Kateel:

I can feel your pain. I am so sorry for the both of you. Mere words cannot even come close to expressing the empathy I have for you and your husband. You have fought the good fight and you are rolling up your sleeves for another. I think the only sentiment I have for you at this moment is that the good news is that he is here, he can feel your touch, hear your sweet whispers and know that he is not alone. My husband had his MIE and it was done ever so successfully but now he is fighting dementia as a result. We have these crosses to bear and I know we can jump these hurdles. Wipe your tears and get started for another hard road and hopefully it will be a much smoother one. Keep us updated and know you have all of our good thoughts and prayerful intentions. It is amazing that none of us know each other but yet I think about each of you at some point during the day. Today you have my thoughts of good intentions. xox

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Sometimes it just fels like life is a never ending uphill battle. But then when things seem to be at their worst we get a ray of hope. You and Bill have been through a lot together, you will beat this too.

I will be praying for Bill's complete recovery.

Best Regards,

Paul Adams
McCormick, South Carolina

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I wish there was more than just words of encouragement I could give you. So I'm sending you a cyber hug! Please know you and Bill will be in our thoughts and prayers.

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I've been through a series of strokes with my mother. All can be well after stroke. Mom's only remaining effect from hers is oral aphasia (the inability to come up with the correct word) and a slight shuffling when she walks. Proper care and rest following the stroke are oh so important.

I pray you find peace as Bill works to recover. I also believe he knows you're there, when you touch him, and when you speak to him. Keep your touch and your thoughts positive. We will be praying for you.

wife to Nick, Stage 3

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Hi Kateel,
I'm so sorry for all that is happening in your life. I truly feel your pain! My husband was diagnosed with Stage IV EC on July 11, 2011 and suffered a massive stroke on July 20, 2011. We were told that this kind of cancer is notorious for producing blood clots which can produce strokes. He had blood clots in his legs and in his lungs, one of which apparently traveled to his brain and caused the stroke. He now has a filter implanted to prevent any further clots from traveling upward and causing another stroke. Because of the stroke and his weakened condition, they weren't able to start treatment on the cancer until the first of August. After regaining consciousness, he worked his butt of in the hospital, PT, OT and Speech each for and hour a day. The good news is, he's home now after 40 days in the hospital!! He started in a wheelchair, moved to a walker and is walking with the help of a cane. He is talking but he still struggles with aphasia, he can take a shower by himself and he's now almost done with 28 radiation treatments. He had 3 chemo treatments and will restart that this week too. It was very hard to watch him work so hard to come back from the stroke, knowing he had this awful disease to fight.
Please know that you will be in my prayers. I pray that he will be strong enough to recover from the stroke as my husband did.
Hugs to you,


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Thank you for writing back. You have given me hope for Bill's future. At times, I just think his body can't take any more. Sounds like you and your loved one are wading through quite a few issues also. Praying for you and all of the people on this site.

God bless,


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