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In Home Nursing Care

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Hi All,

New to the board, just joined this AM. My wife had a right Lobectomy in March after finding a Stage 1B tumor and was declared cancer free after surgery. The cancer returned with a vengeance in late August and she starts radiation and chemo this week.

I guess all that's left now is to make her life more comfortable and pray for success in her treatment. Could anyone make a recommendation for a live-in-nurse organization in the Annapolis, MD area?

Thanx for your response,


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So Sorry for your wife's illness. We started this journey that you are on, but stopped it. What we found to be helpful for regional help is to go theough the local Ametican Cancer Society and they should have a list of resources, but they camnot give you uneditted information, because they have to follow no conflict of interets policies in their recommendation. If you want the unedited lo down, I suggest you start attending support griups and they will say this company stole this and this comapny was great. Feel free to continue to come in heren but when getting information about local services your local support agencies are best. Also if you friend some spouses at her chemo sessions or the nurses. Docs are too policitically correct to get an pinion about the best companies.

Be ready to open your wallet. Insurance companie dint pay much. Expect about 5K a month.

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Appreciate your thoughts. I know it will probably be expensive, but don't want her to have to go to a hospice until absolutely necessary.

So many people on this board seem to have been going though this a lot longer and have more understanding of what I'm going to face.

God Speed to all of you

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You can check with the hospital where your wife had her treatment completed the first time. Check with the Patient Care Representative and ask them what kind of Visiting Nurse or other similar programs they have available. Some visiting nurses associations have everything from once a week check ins to hospice care available, but again, as already posted, you will have to do most of the leg work yourself.

Also check with the doctors who treated your wife. Sometimes they keep journals in the waiting rooms for patients to record their journeys in. Many times, they will list doctors, nurses, hospice, etc. Also, ask the doctor's head nurse. Most doctors have them. They are a wealth of information that you can tap and most times they aren't restricted by "conflicts of interest". We loved our neurosurgeon's head nurse and she helped us navigate everything from difficult-to-get appointments to the cheapest parking lot near the hospital. We had her private number so that we could call her at any time with any questions we had pre- and post-surgery.

You are in my thoughts and prayers.


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Thank you for the prayers and for your ideas. I feel like I'm at the start of this journey and not sure if I can deal with what I'm about to face. I can tell from this board that there are a lot of people in this battle. Guess there's some comfort in that.

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