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Totally confused

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I had surgery to have my thyroid removed in Feb of this year. They also did a partial dissection of the lymph nodes on the left side of my neck. I just went last week to get an ultrasound done and the right side noe has 2 lymph nodes that one has grown and one has shrunk. I am on Synthroid medication and the doses have been changede 4 times. My levels are very high. I am told it should be .1 and my doctor said mine are 44 (I am not sure if that is 44 or .44) I am asking when I go Tuesday to find out if they want to do a biopsy or surgery again on this other lymph node. I have been keeping a headache, heart racing,and I just dont know what to do.Endo is not making me feel very good whenI ask a question and she tells me she's not sure.. ask your ENT doc.. anyone's feed back would be greatly appreciated.

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yes it takes a while to get your synthroid level sorted out...

yours is probably 44 and yes they want your TSH suppressed or 0.1 probably

Another recommendation is ask them to check what your T3 level is like

Synthroid is T4 (amount of Iodine atoms is the #) and your body converts it to T3 (the active form of thyroid hormone)

what questions have you asked your ENDO and ENT... it sounds to me your endo might be fairly new.

if you ask the questions here maybe you can get better wording or maybe an answer or even give someone else some questions to ask there doctors.

ask for a copy of your lab work so maybe we can help you figure it out.

do you know what type of thyroid cancer you had (there are multiple types) and what is there plan...

Please ask questions so we can help answer them

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Maybe you need an Oncologist at this point. My Endo referred me to an Oncologist after my second surgery because ENT's are not very familiar with how cancer grows and metastasizes. The ENT botched my second surgery so my regular Endo thought it was time for me to change. This is only a suggestion. My Onco specializes in Endocrine cancer and is also my surgeon.

As for the head ache, a lot of us have these after our TT's. Heart racing could be due to your dose of Synthroid. If you are .44 that means you are hyperthyroid and this will cause a racing heart. I am currently .02 and my heart beats at 96 per minute at rest. Sometimes I feel palpation during my cycle especially. If you are 44 that is too high and you are still Hypothyroid. This is not where you want to be after having cancer. It decreases the likelihood of metastasis. My guess is that you are .44 if your heart feels like it is racing. Get a copy of your labs so you can keep it on file. Ask as many questions as you like of us.

Lymph nodes can become inflamed and shrink on a daily basis. It doesn't necessarily mean that there is cancer. I had three inflamed nodes earlier in the year that I was able to feel in my neck and they all came back negative for cancer after a Fine Needle Aspiration. It's best to go ahead and get a Fine Needle Aspiration just to be sure that they are not cancerous. They should avoid cutting you open if they don't need to do so. The more surgeries you have the more complicated they can become. It is best to wait for definitive diagnosis before going under the knife.


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