Waiting for biopsy results and he is dying fast

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7 days ago(Aug 28) I brought my husband to the ER. I noticed his hands shaking on August 12 and he said he was nauseated every AM, but then ate a great supper. August 15, he had me tell
him how to get to our favorite restaurant, but it did not register with me. I set up appointments for him to see a neurologist on Aug 29(he did not last that long). On August 27, I noticed he could not use a computer program he was familiar with and it hit me something big was wrong. I am a physician and I was worried he might have a brain tumor. He had been more withdrawn as well. It all came together. It should have sooner but I was too busy to notice.

CT scan showed multiple central brain tumors and we left to go to nearby large hospital the afternoon of Aug 28. MRI on Mon Aug 29 showed lots of tumors most consistant with Primary CNS lymphoma. He underwent stereotactic brain biopsy Aug 31 and the sample had to be sent on to Mayo. We still do not know if the sample actually got the tumor or if he will need an open brain biopsy. The Labor Day weekend is delaying the workup. They let me take him home on Friday Sept 2 with an oncology appointment on the 6th which is the earliest the pathology report will be back.

His pain and vomiting began the 28th, the very night he was admitted. The headaches and vomiting were relentless, but after the biopsy those symptoms are better on Decadron. However, he is eating poorly, losing weight, and he has no short term memory. He is rapidly changing to someone who is depressed and demented. I cannot leave him alone. Today he could not open a jello container or figure out how to turn on his grill. I am losing him fast. 7 days ago he was still my husband. I am so very afraid he will die before they even decide what is wrong. No treatment but decadron until diagnosis is firm.


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    I am so sorry
    I am a physician also but not a neurologist... If it is lymphoma what is the treatment? Would they do a debulking of the tumor? If yes, then maybe your husband needs brain surgery before the biopsy results come back...

    I am so sorry about this horrible situation. My heart goes out to you.

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    I am so very sorry about what is happening to you and your beloved husband. I am not a physician, but I am a brain cancer patient. It does sound like the Decadron is helping with the swelling of the brain. I know that vomiting can also be one of the symptoms of brain tumors/brain cancer. While I did not progress to that extent, I did experience nausea and the brutal headaches. That is how we found out about the tumors.

    I hope you are able to get some definitive answers and quickly and are able to help your husband. You're both in my prayers.

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    I'm so sorry
    I am so sorry about your husband. I'm not a doc, my husband is a brain cancer/tumor patient. He was diagnosed in July. It does sound like the decodran is helping his swelling. I hope they find something fast to help.