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My husband has been having a lot of pain in his hip and finally had an MRI that shows "there is an enhancing macrolobulated low T1 high T2 heterogeneous signal soft tissue mass which reveals post contrast enhancement juxtaposed between the left femur and the gluteus maximus musculature"

it goes on to state "findings most consistent with soft tissue sarcoma and other diagnostic possibilities include mfh, chrondosarcoma and less likely nerve sheath tumor" "tissue biopsy is recommended as well as orthopedic oncology consultation"

we cant get into Vasicek Cancer Center until Sept 15th and i am super worried.

Can someone please help me understand this?

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Hello, sorry I did not reply sooner and has your husband been at the Cancer Center? How is he doing? My mom has bone metastases from Thyroid Cancer and it was at her hip. She had a hip replacement done by an orthoepedic oncologist who also scraped away the cancer. I don't know if it is the same thing that your husband has but if it's in the hip maybe they will do hip replacement as well. I know you are scared, I am scared daily for my mom. I wish the best for you and your family and if you want to write back I will check again so we can talk :) God bless you

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