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Zevalin or Bexxar

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Has anyone been treated with Zevalin or Bexxar?

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I had Zevalin 16 months ago. I would be happy to help with any questions. Mary

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Hi - have you read the book by Betsy de Parry called The Roller Coaster Chronicles? Best description of the two types of RIT I've ever read. She very nicely called and we had an hour phone chat - she's a wonderful woman and so willing to answer questions. I'm SO anxious to do that treatment but am waiting to see if my PET scan Aug. 24 shows the present tumor we've been working to shrink with two chemos - B/R and CVP/R the past year has reduced it enough to do so. Understand you're not a candidate if the tumor is any larger than 2.2 cm because the Z or B won't penetrate the bulky mass if it is.

I'm on Rituxan now for maintenance but so hoping to do RIT since I understand it's a bit more successful with a longer remission. Will be anxious to read other postings from people who've had it. Fran

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I just read the book by Betsy de Parry called The Roller Coaster Chronicles and found it to be the most helpful information to date for me. I am still doing Watch and Wait, but feel I have a good reference now of what to expect. I highly recommnd this book to anyone with lymphoma.

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Hi Fran. I noticed your post about bexxar and felt compelled to join this board so I could comment. Your information about the 2.2 cm node being to large for the radiation to penetrate is not correct. I have spoken with dr. Oliver press at Fred Hutchison, and also dr. Mark kaminski, the co-developer of bexxar at the university of Michigan. Both confirmed with me that bexxar does in fact work on bulky disease, even sites over 10 , and that anything under 5 cm is a non-issue.

There is SO much misinformation out there about this treatment.


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Hi Faith,

My name is Hilde, and wanted to answer your post to let you know that I was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma in 04 and had surgery and 22 radiation treatments.
then I was ok for almost 5 years , like one week away. Then had been upgraded to stage 4 Follicular Non-Hodgkins lymphoma, had surgery on the right side of my neck and cheek.
Did 8 rounds of R-Chop and then di Zevalin in December 23,09
My blood counts went to nothing almost and did blood checks. But have been in remission since then.
You would do ok with this.
Just wanted to tell you about Zevalin. Hilde

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Hi Faith--I just joined this forum, but if you see this I'd be happy to share my experience with you.  Stage 4 follicular, treated with Rituxin and chemo, in remission for 6 months before cancer returned.  This was in 2001.  Luckily I got into a Bexxar clinical trial, even tho I had too many large cells present.  The infusion was a breeze--one night in hospital, absolutely no side effects, and I have been symptom-free ever since.  I thank my bleesed oncologist just about every day for fudging those pathology numbers!  I can't sau enough good about this drug.  I only wish that more patients could or would take advantage of it.                                                                                                                        vw 



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