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Metastatic Melanoma to the liver - Sept 2011

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My father was just diagnosed with metatstatic melanoma to the liver. Everything I read is very grim... and I need some hope. He was biopsied yesterday to see if he has the gene mutation for BRAF and the new Zelboraf drug. We will find out next week.
He is symptomatic (chronic cough, some weight loss, and pain in his side)....and I am very scared we will lose him soon. Any survivors out there that can share their story?
-Erin, Minneapolis, MN

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My dad is also being tested for BRAF - we should find out soon if it's applicable to his situation. My dad was officially diagnosed back in April and has been on aggressive Temodar since. His dr is a Melanoma specialist at the UAB Kirklin Clinic, but at any rate has had a lot of success stalling growth with this approach. Dad has used it at 160 mg 3 weeks on and one week off for four cycles. It has kept them tumors from growing much at all during this time, including the ones in the brain. Dad also did fifteen whole brain radiation sessions in April/ May. I have been amazed how much better dad feels, acts, etc. Hope you find good help and support.

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I have been dx'd with stage 3 melanoma, but after they removed the tumor from my forehead, the PET was clean. I wish you all the hope for your dad's recovery.

I have opted not to follow up with chemo, so I am not familiar with the treatment your father is undergoing.

My daughter is always there for me, as you for your father. You don't realize how healing your support is for him.

Good luck and keep me posted.

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Hi Erin,
I am very sorry about your father! It must be terrible for you and your family.
I`m a caregiver, not a specialist in all this, so I cannot really advise you on which treatment would be the best. I have heard that Braf is really effective on some patients, so I truthfuly hope, your dad will be the case. Moreover, I`d like to suggest you to try combining treatment methods, cuz it is considered to be the most effective choice concerning melanoma. In Latvia, melanoma patients often combine chemo plus virotherapy in order to effectively destroy malignant cells, and also improve life-quality and decrease severe side-effects.
So maybe consider such option with your doctors!
Take care and keep us updated!

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