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very worried please help

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My husband has been having a lot of pain in his hip and finally had an MRI that shows "there is an enhancing macrolobulated low T1 high T2 heterogeneous signal soft tissue mass which reveals post contrast enhancement juxtaposed between the left femur and the gluteus maximus musculature"

it goes on to state "findings most consistent with soft tissue sarcoma and other diagnostic possibilities include mfh, chrondosarcoma and less likely nerve sheath tumor" "tissue biopsy is recommended as well as orthopedic oncology consultation"

we cant get into Vasicek Cancer Center until Sept 15th and i am super worried.

Can someone please help me understand this?

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Hi there,

Just saw ur posting on sept 4. I submitted the story of my sister 32 years, has a 6 months old baby, in august 2011. She has liposarcoma in her lower back spreading to the spinal bones. Major surgery on 30 may, hospitalized for 6 weeks with difficult recovery. Docs removed het back skin, several vertebraes t p1 to t4 with replacement, one kidney and some nerves as well. A recent scan showed that cancer has spread to other spinal bones. Further surgery is of no help now. Prior to the surgery she did the tissue biopsy. I cannot explain the MRI report for u but please do the biopsy as asp, consult an oncologist specialized in sarcoma and read the discussion boards with the topic "liposarcoma", there r several forums to get info of med centers in the USA specialized in sarcoma. there stories/ experiences r very informative, useful for u to make decisions and inspiring.

Hope all goes well with ur husband.


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Prepare yourself with as much information as possible. Do not assume that your doctor knows anything about this disease and always,always,always get a second opinion from a recognized specialist.

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